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October 6, 2015
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Global Handwashing Day is an annual global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Founded by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing – it is an opportunity to design and implement creative methods to encourage people to wash their hands with soap. They have created The Global Handwashing Day Planner’s Guide, which you can download here.

The “Raise a hand for hygiene” theme serves as a reminder for governments and authorities to raise funds for hygiene programs.

Global Handwashing Day is designed to:

  • Foster and support a global and local culture of handwashing with soap
  • Shine a spotlight on the state of handwashing around the world
  • Raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing with soap

Why is handwashing important?

According to UNICEF, every year 1.7 million children do not reach their fifth birthday because of diarrhoea and pneumonia. The simple act of washing your hands with soap is one of the simple ways to prevent these diseases. This simple and inexpensive method can save lives by cutting deaths by almost one and a half.

Handwashing in the office?

Look at this infographic about The Economic Impact Of Poor Office Hygiene and pay special attention to the shocking stats about handwashing:

At OfficeTeam we want to help reduce those numbers by getting involved in the handwashing movement. As the value of hand hygiene has increased, so has our selection of products. We offer and stock a full range of handwashing products all at competitive prices. From soap and handwash solutions to anti-bacterial hand gels, we have everything you need for your workplace.

What to do next?

Go get our free catalogue including Cleaning, Hygiene & Washroom and contact FacilitiesSuppliesTeam to find out more about our effective hygiene solutions that will create a healthier work environment and save you lots of money by reducing the total sick days in your company.

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