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Our customers often comment on our friendly and personable approach, and we certainly believe that great people make a great business. Each month we profile people from around our organisation to find out who they are and what makes them tick. In the spotlight this month it’s Richard Peutherer, Sales Director – InteriorsTeam.

Q1. How long have you worked for OfficeTeam?
I started working for OfficeTeam in January this year so have been with the company now for a few months. For the last 10 years I worked for a company called Crown Worldwide, where most recently I headed up the global accounts team.

Q2. Tell us about your job. What does your role involve?
As furniture sales director it is my job to increase the sales and profitability of the interiors division. I work with our specialists who form a team of 12, along with a sales support team of 2. Our customer service team is based in Telford.

Q3. What do you enjoy most about your job?
As I am still new to the company I am enjoying the challenge of learning a new industry and getting to know the company in more depth. I’m looking forward to really ‘getting my teeth’ into the role and developing the business going forward.

Q4. Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I am a real adrenaline junkie and have a love for extreme sports!! Everything from parachute jumping to wing-walking. I actually also canoed for Great Britain – many years ago now though!

Q5. How would your colleagues describe you?
Enthusiastic, approachable, dedicated.

Q6. Which OfficeTeam value do you most identify with, and why?
I would choose two values which would be Dedicated and Passionate. I would like to think I have demonstrated to colleagues and my team that I have thrown myself into the role and am absolutely behind the company and division, eager to achieve goals. I am very passionate about the interiors division.

Q7. What’s your proudest achievement (can be work or personal)?
My proudest achievement is the fundraising I have done for a charity called DEBRA, DEBRA is the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a painful genetic disorder which causes the skin to blister and shear at the slightest touch. Through organising events and encouraging others support, I have helped to raise over £100k for DEBRA. I also organised and led a team of 15 people on a self-supported cycle ride from London to Paris last September, covering 321 miles in 3 days, which on its own raised £24k!

Q8. What’s your ambition?
Of course to be happy and healthy and for the Interiors division to deliver the best service in the industry.

Q9. Who would you invite to an imaginary dinner party (living or dead)? Please give reasons for your choices.
I would host a large dinner party with some interesting guests. Firstly, Sir Ranulph Fiennes who is the greatest explorer and made many achievements on his missions as a British adventurer. I would also invite the likes of Sir David Attenborough who has explored the world. Ayrton Senna the Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula One Championships. Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson who I feel are Manchester United Legends! Many people may disagree but I think what Sir Alex has achieved is phenomenal. I would also invite Neil Armstrong as the first man on the moon, Tom Hanks as he is a great actor and been in many great films. Finally Ozzy Osbourne as he is so unpredictable and Jeremy Clarkson and Prince Philip! The dinner party would be a calamity waiting to happen!

Q10. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy cycling, skiing and scuba diving. I also enjoy motorsports, football and socialising with a great network of friends.

Q11. What are you currently listening to?
I have such a varied taste in music. I like anything from 60s rock through to dance music! The only music I don’t enjoy is jazz and classical.

Q12. What’s your favourite film/TV series and why?
My favourite film has to be Shawshank Redemption as it is such a cleverly written film. It doesn’t have much action but is a very heartfelt story with some great twists. I also enjoy humour films, so the likes of Me, Myself and Irene and Dumb and Dumber. The inane humour in these films makes them hilarious! Top Gear is my choice for a TV Series as I am into cars.

Q13. If you were CEO: do you have any suggestions which could improve processes or save the company money?
It’s possibly a little early in my time with OfficeTeam to answer this one… please ask me again when I have a few more months under my belt!

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