How Lighting Can Affect Productivity Of A Workplace

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February 9, 2016
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Have you ever thought about how lighting affects people at work? With 68% of employees complaining about the lighting situation in their offices, how can the situation be resolved?

Poor lighting within a workplace can cause safety hazards, affect the quality of work, or even create health hazards. 24% of office workers claimed poor lighting as a factor in causing loss of work due to eyestrain and discomfort, with an overall 2% loss of productivity per year for each individual in a workplace.

Implementing a simple light solution such as LED lighting, can have a positive effect on employees. Improved lighting can create a motivated and happier workplace with fewer absences and illnesses, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

LED lighting

LED lights have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs which only last around 2,000 hours. This fact alone is a great advantage for any business as there’s reduced maintenance required.

On average, UK businesses use up to 35% of their electricity consumption just on lighting. Switching to LED can reduce this element by up to 90%, so not only does it increase workplace productivity; LED lighting can reduce business costs too.

There are also beneficial factors to the environment:

  • Energy efficient – 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% wasted as heat
  • No toxic elements – Helps protect the environment when disposed of
  • Fewer lights needed – Reduces energy consumption
  • Longer life span – Lower carbon emissions

So, what next?

If you’re looking to increase the productivity of your employees, improve your CSR credentials and reduce costs then investing in LED lighting could be the answer. Speak to our FacilitiesSuppliesTeam specialists and we’ll conduct a FREE audit, providing you with a savings report outlining our recommended actions.



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