Our Price Promise

Our price promise is a simple way to guarantee consistently low prices from OfficeTeam. With a dedicated purchasing team keeping a close eye on pricing and market trends, if you find the same product cheaper from a direct competitor, we will match the price for up to 28 days.
OfficeTeam endeavour to provide a reliable, dedicated service that makes everything as easy as possible for you. As we have experience in a large number of office related fields, we are able to provide expert advice, customer support and a long term relationship to keep you satisfied.

Price Promise Terms

If you see the same product at a lower price from a direct competitor, we will match the price for up to 28 days. The price quoted must refer to an identical product, including brand, item, size and pack quantity for our promise to apply.

Who are our direct competitors?

Our direct competitors trade on the same basis as OfficeTeam, dealing in office supplies and business services as their primary interest. Companies which trade primarily in other areas, but which also sell office supplies (for example supermarkets) are not considered direct competitors to OfficeTeam.

Are online retailers included?

If the retailer is a direct competitor to OfficeTeam, and the price quoted refers to an identical product to one that we are offering, then we will match prices to online only retailers.

What about short term promotions?

Our price match promise does not extend to promotional,
special offers or sale items.
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How do I make a claim?

Please speak to your Account Manager to make a claim.