5 reasons to switch your backup

‘Ordinary’ business life may have changed beyond recognition, but regardless of ongoing economic uncertainties, external threats and even the global pandemic, one thing remains a constant – we have to keep our companies’ data, safe.

This month, we invite Tim Mercer, CEO from OfficeTeam’s Technology as a Service (TaaS) partner, Vapour, to explore the must-know topic of backups…

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

While backups may not be top of an organisation’s digital transformation agenda – and they may not excite CTOs and heads of innovation – they will keep senior management teams awake at night if they fail to protect the information a business relies on the most.

It is perhaps for this very reason, that a recent article in Solutions Review encouraged firms to go back to basics – stressing that ‘2021 needs to be all about backups’. Because without a ‘plan B’ in the event of the unexpected, how can you maintain business continuity?

One of the simplest but most crucial layers in an organisation’s armour, a robust backup ensures you’re resilient – it effortlessly swings into action when you need it most, so you can just keep doing what you need to.

5 reasons to switch your backup

It must be trusted though, which is why, at Vapour, we only partner with the best – and that choice for us, is Veeam.

Interestingly, they asked 1,500 IT pros around the world what would drive them to switch their backup, and the most common responses were:

In our opinion, the goal shouldn’t be to tick some of these boxes, but all.

We know that this can feel like a minefield – selecting a backup that isn’t just on-budget and fit for purpose right now, but that is agile enough to support businesses with the myriad of data storage and security challenges they may face in the future too.

But A, it needn’t be that difficult; B, the right TaaS should speak in plain English about the backup solution that’s right for you; and C, it’s extremely important that you get this right.

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