6 things you didn’t know about OfficeTeam

When it comes to the procurement of workplace supplies, OfficeTeam is one of the industry’s most well-known brands. But if you delve a little deeper, you may discover a few things you don’t know about our familiar organisation.


1. We’ve got a heritage spanning more than 130 years

OfficeTeam is definitely no stranger to helping customers ‘do business smarter’ – in fact we’ve long talked about that being a promise which truly runs through our DNA. This means we’ve navigated challenging times before and established some fantastic relationships with organisations large and small, as a result.

But experience does not detract from innovation – quite the opposite in fact. To maintain our position at the forefront of industry, we’ve always had to be innovative – way before Covid-19. The pandemic has hopefully been a shining example of this.

We re-evaluated where we add value and soon realised that we’re still not even scratching the surface when it comes to what we can help our customers achieve. Adding more than 11,000 products to our range was just one of the outcomes of this continuous improvement mission, since the start of the first lockdown.


2. OfficeTeam is now a Paragon Group company

In May, OfficeTeam was acquired by Paragon Group – a progressive provider of customer communications, identification, graphics and business services. This means that, by being part of the Paragon family, we can provide everything from paperclips to print on demand, and tech to keep colleagues connected, through to hybrid mail for communicating with customers.

This doesn’t take away from the mainstay of our business, but it does emphasise the exciting future that lies ahead for our well-established organisation.


3. You can’t even see all of our products!

OfficeTeam’s Technology as a Service (TaaS) proposition has been a long time in the making – way before the unparalleled upheaval to the workplace as we know it.

But the recent launch of our suite of cloud infrastructure is particularly well timed. Recognising that our customers now need to be more productive, connected and secure, than ever before, we offer a variety of voice, video, connectivity, backup and storage solutions.

So, organisations requiring support to enhance their remote working strategies, for example, can now source their home office furniture, stationery, IT equipment, consumables, cloud connectivity, data storage, telecoms infrastructure and even more, from our one dedicated team.

We’re committed to meeting the needs of businesses now, and into the future, so our product and service range will never stand still.


4. We’ve supercharged Smartpad

A recent report by Econsultancy revealed that 47% of large global organisations have innovated their products and services during the COVID-19 outbreak. And OfficeTeam is no exception to that statistic.

Time is more precious, budgets are tighter, and the market remains crowded with suppliers vying for your attention, which makes sourcing products tough. But we know technology can ease these burdens, while aiding cost control, driving financial savings, empowering multi-site teams, optimising human resources, reducing carbon impact, and achieving maximum value from the supply chain.

So, we’ve taken our trusted SmartPad procurement tool and made it even better – think more products, new features, guest checkout, a streamlined interface, easy access business intelligence and more.


5. We’ve price matched thousands of products, so you don’t have to!

Helping our customers control costs is one of OfficeTeam’s fundamental goals. But we’ve taken this commitment to protecting budgets one step further, with our new SmartPrice range.

Recognising that it takes customers an excessive amount of time to accurately track what is a fair price to pay for non-core items, we now constantly analyse the market to establish current pricing benchmarks. We’ve also become the first in industry to make the bold move towards transparent pricing across all non-core products – which means no more RRP – and we’ve rolled back thousands of prices to further help businesses during these tricky economic times.


6. Being green REALLY matters to us

Whether products reach your desktop or doorstep, our new delivery service has revolutionised our agility and flexibility to customers’ ever-changing needs, while being kinder to the planet in the process.

For example, we’re proud of our Central Distribution Centre’s zero waste to landfill status and the fact that we only use 100% UK-sourced renewable energy here. Our delivery vans are also Euro 6 compliant, we’ve halved the stretch wrap used within our logistics operations in recognition of the world’s mounting war on plastic, and have rolled out LED-only lighting across all our premises.

Watch this space for lots more news on our environmental initiatives and wider CSR strategy!

Like the sound of OfficeTeam? Contact us to request a tail management audit and learn how we can help you do business smarter.

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