6 ways to support staff wellbeing during the return to work

A recent report revealed over 55% of UK workers are suffering from return to work anxiety. [i]

Whilst Covid vaccines continue to roll out and businesses move forward with scoping the future of their workplace with new policies, working patterns and layouts, the truth is that employers in many ways are still in the process of grappling with the need to provide clear, definitive answers to questions we are all still trying to navigate.

Many are looking for support and clarity in the face of understanding how safe will they be when back in the office? How could their future working patterns continue to change? What will they need to make the move back to the office? How can their employer help them transition smoothly back into the workplace after a long period of home working?

Whatever your return to work policies – now and in the future – OfficeTeam are on hand to reduce anxieties by helping staff to feel as comfortable as possible when returning to the office.

We’re sharing 6 ways you can best support staff wellbeing during the return to work and to help make the transition back into the office as stress free as possible:

1. Offer protective solutions

Make physical wellbeing a priority with our Covid protection range. Restrictions may have lifted, but businesses need to continue to be cautious by keeping the right protection in place. Whatever your Covid policies require, from face masks, to desk screens, signage, sanitising stations and cleaning products, we’ve got Covid protection products to support.

2. Encourage staff to stay connected wherever they are

With working from home and Furlough still on the agenda, businesses have a duty of care to support staff with issues such as loneliness and stress. Our smart tech range of over 8,700 new products helps you to encourage staff communication by promoting the use of technology for both work and staff socialising. Staff can have access to top tech tools including Apple products, PCs, laptops, networking accessories and more to help them work smarter, collaborate wherever they are and plan virtual socials.

3. Supply relevant workwear and PPE

If you work in a sector that requires the fast return of business as usual, it is important to ensure your staff feel confident that the right safety measures are in place to return to work. We are here to help with a wide range of workwear and PPE products to keep your teams safe.  Shop from hand protection, face protection, respiratory equipment and clothing.

4. Help staff manage their work life balance

Studies have shown that staff working from home during the pandemic have worked an additional 6 hours of unpaid overtime. As we ease into the new working environment, our range of 2022 diaries and planners are a great tool for reducing anxieties around the transition by boosting productivity, reducing stress and helping staff plan for their new schedules and working patterns.


5. Encourage breaks and social time

Since the Covid-19 restrictions started 65% of UK professionals admitted to feeling more stressed than usual, while 53% felt more anxious than usual. A great way to reduce stress and support wellbeing in the office is to encourage time out through socials, coffee breaks and informal meetings. With busy days now back in the workplace, these social breaks help staff to take time out away from their desk, unwind and ultimately increase engagement.


6. Remember it’s good to talk

As a nation we have all been through an immense amount of change over the last year and as we continue to scope out what our new working world looks like, it is important to create a working environment where employees are encouraged to ask questions, talk and share their emotions and anxieties. Often at work we are taught to maintain that ‘stiff upper lip,’ where we may perhaps mask our true feelings of concern and so leaders are encouraged to remind staff it’s good to talk and speak about their mental health and wellbeing. Instilling this open culture will reduce stress and anxiety, and ultimately burnout as we adapt to new working patterns.

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