A Cluttered Desk Results In A Cluttered Mind!

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“Three Rules of Work – Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
– Albert Einstein

Did you know that your working environment can have a fundamental affect on how you approach your daily work load? It is often said that a cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind – by working in a clear and organised work space, you can allow your mind to think clearly and get your work done efficiently.

So, how is your desk looking today? Can you quickly find that important document that you wrote up last week and promised to file away somewhere safe? Any idea where you stapler is hiding underneath that mountain of unfinished paperwork? If your desk is looking anything like mine with completely non work related items such as a bottle of sake, a plastic toy gun and an incomplete Rubik’s cube taking up space, then you might benefit from these tips to help keep your workstation clean and tidy, and improve your productivity (ok, I promise I’ll tidy up my desk tomorrow)!

COMMIT to clearing your workspace… and your mind!

Clear old documents – anything from 2011 or before can probably be safely archived away.
Old notes and receipts can be filed, recycled or my favourite – straight in the bin!
Mornings are a good time to clear things away and set you straight for the day ahead.
Messy desks create a negative impression for colleagues and customers.
Invest in a little extra storage space such as a chest of drawers, shelf or filing system.
Tidy desk equals a tidy, clear and productive mindset.

We all lead busy lives, but taking some time out to assess how we work is important in any job, no matter what we do. Taking ten minutes to clear up some old notes that you don’t need any more will help to relax you and clear your mind. There have been numerous studies and research which shows that clean and tidy workplaces can help with productivity and creativity, even if it’s just small things. For example, clean out the dust from your computer keyboard and give the screen a good wipe down – smears all over your screen is definitely not inspiring.

If you are looking for a bigger solution – why not think about a full office refurbishment project from InteriorsTeam. InteriorsTeam is an office furniture specialist who can help you create a clean, modern and efficient working environment that is guaranteed to give you and your staff a creative boost. We have a a range of solutions from drawers and shelving solutions, to bigger desks and comfortable, ergonomic chairs, everything you need to improve your office environment. The only thing InteriorsTeam can’t do is clear your mind for you (we better leave that one to the experts)!

Our expert furniture specialists can help you, no matter what your requirements are. Working with you from concept all the way through to installation, you can guarantee that InteriorsTeam can offer a complete service to help you make a difference.

  1. We start with an initial consultation to understand the scope of your office refurbishment project.
  2. We then present you with a design brief detailing the work that is required.
  3. You are able to visit office furniture showrooms with your project manager to view suitable furniture.
  4. We provide a selection of 2D and 3D drawings meeting your exact requirements for you to finalise.
  5. The project is then managed by our team of experts and delivered on time and within budget.

So why not contact InteriorsTeam today and see how we can help turn your chaos into order!


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