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April 15, 2013
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A full month has now passed since we were all entertained and enthralled by the shenanigans of Comic Relief. We had the comeback of the year from our favourite Slough salesman the enigmatic David Brent in his new guise as a ‘gangster rapper’, followed by Peter Kay’s epic journey from Ireland to London billed as the ‘toughest challenge ever undertaken for Comic Relief‘. This year the cream of British popular culture came together to entertain and educate. We had stars from TV and Music, including the gorgeous Claudia Winkelman and those cheeky boys One Direction, there was something for everyone.

Comic Relief still had a serious message to get across – that there are still massive amounts of work to be done both at home and abroad, combating injustice and poverty in the world. I for one cried at numerous points during the night, the stories and films that had been produced tugged on the heart strings of even the hardest souls, be it the numerous stories of mothers and fathers out living their children because of lack of vaccinations, to watching Harry Styles sob uncontrollably as a child dies of malaria; what makes it worse is that these diseases are avoidable!!!

This year Comic Relief celebrated its 25th birthday and they did this in some style; we as a country raised a massive £75,107,851 which is an all time record for Comic Relief.

This is even more of a fantastic achievement when you think we have been through a double dip recession, had to bail out the banks, mass job losses, frozen wages and falling property prices all eating away at what little money we have, we still found the time and money to give to others.

All who donated or participated in the fund raising should be immensely proud of themselves as they contributed a massive amount of time and money so that Comic Relief can help change the lives of millions of people, not only in Africa but in the UK as well.

We as a country have helped to fund over 15,000 projects around the world in over 70 different countries over the last 25 years and long may this continue.

On Friday the 15th of March 2013 OfficeTeam ran a number of events around the country to help do our bit for Comic Relief; we ran cake sales, raffles, darts tournaments, dressed up as clowns and lastly, and probably most importantly, got the opportunity to get our own back by throwing wet sponges and cream pies at some of our directors and management. We raised over £1200 for Comic Relief and a massive thank you must go out to those staff members who organised and ran the different events around the country.

The £1200 raised by OfficeTeam will have saved the lives of 240 African children from contracting malaria be it providing them with mosquito nets to vaccinating them.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake you can save a childs life!

Let us all make an extra effort in 2014 to raise more money for these great causes because the job is not done!!!

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