Could Your Office Inspire?

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Let’s set the scene, it’s a dreary Monday morning and you have made it into work, leaving the comfort of your home with all its modern gadgets, colour and exuberance and what are you first faced with?… Yes you have guessed it, a small cluttered desk, a dying pot plant in the corner, bare beige walls and those dreadful fluorescent lights! The only things to lift your spirits is the picture on your desk of a loved one or of you on some amazing holiday and these images invoke that feeling of inspiration, this is what your office space should help you to feel!

You spend the vast majority of your life in your office so why don’t you treat your office as you would your own home? Would you have a dying pot plant in the corner of your front room, would you have a beige interior, would you have dusty, ripped and worn chairs and tables? I think you wouldn’t and why would you; this kind of environment is not conducive to an inspired and engaged workforce, let alone a happy one.

Would you be more engaged if you turned up to work and your office looked like some of these?


Or these?

I know that I shouldn’t compare the likes of Google, Facebook, Youtube or Microsoft’s flagship American offices to the everyday UK company who has limited space, limited resources; but you do employ a talented workforce, you do employ creative people and you do employ human beings!!

We live in a world where every company is doing everything it can to entice the best and most talented people to work for their organisation, they do all the hard work getting these people to work for them and then forget that these people need to be stimulated, they need to be inspired and they need to want to be in the office working hard. I am not saying install a bouncy castle on every floor, a bungee jumper instead of a lift or even turn one floor into a games room, I am saying you need to think about how your employees feel when they arrive at work; what would you rather have a productive, inspired workforce or a bunch of clock watchers waiting for 5.30pm so they can go home and be inspired?

Gone are the days where a free doughnut and a coffee got your workers pumped up for a full days work, in the age of daily technological breakthroughs, of Ipads and smartphones, the internet; we need to do more to get the very best from the people we employ!

We have a talented team of interior designers using the latest technology to help you design a workplace that can inspire and stimulate your workforce, just view our InteriorsTeam web pages for more information.

Remember a happy workforce is a productive one!

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