6 Funky Stationery Products From Around The Web

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Funky Stationery From The Web

In case you didn’t notice, we have a (possibly classified as unhealthy) relationship with office supplies and stationery. “How?”, we hear you ask… “what is so exciting about a pen?”

That’s what we used to think once upon a time too. However, we think we might be able to convince you that there are some great stationery products out there that genuinely bring a smile to your face.

We scoured the web for some of the coolest, funkiest and downright bizarre products for you to have a snoop through. If we get enough interest, we can even start stocking these items to purchase from OfficeTeam.

Cutlery pen lids

Never get stuck for a knife and fork again with these ballpoint pen lids that double up as cutlery. Dine-ink (great name) was created by Italian designer Andrea Cingoli, as a handy way to make sure you always have eating utensils at your place of work.

The following online review sums these up perfectly: “When the snobs I work with noticed my very clever utensils, I could clearly see that my marginal social status was in the process of taking a huge leap forward.”

funky stationery cutlery pen

Facebook ‘Like’ stamp

How many times haven’t you felt the need to let the world know that you’ve enjoyed or ‘liked’ something that isn’t – gasp – available directly online. Enter the Facebook ‘Like’ stamp, complete with a traditional thumbs up icon, it’s perfect for stamping on all types of physical documents. Best of all, these stamps come with a matching ‘Dislike’ button which, let’s be completely realistic, is MUCH more enjoyable.

funky stationery facebook stamps

Drum stick pens and pencils

Just because you sit at an office desk during the day, it doesn’t mean you can’t still dream of rock god glory. These pens and pencils are the ultimate tools to annoy your co-workers – standard ballpoint pen or pencil at one end, authentic drum stick tips on the other end.

Now whenever you feel like an impromptu drum solo on your desk, you can do it in style… and bathed in a cacophonous symphony of tap-tap-tap.

funky stationery drumstick pens


Need to exact your revenge on those pesky desktop drummers? Use a Bart Simpson inspired catapult to launch rolled up pieces of paper over the dividing office partition wall into enemy territory.

These catapens are made from real wood with a rubber band attached at the top of the V shape for authentic catalpult-ery, all with the convenience of a built in pencil so you can pretend to be working when the boss strolls by.

funky stationery catapen

Cable Buddies

As we rely ever more on the delights of the digital age, our new concerns begin to revolve around keeping that precious, precious battery juice lasting until the next charging opportunity. These cute little penguins are the future of desktop cable management – each one grips your cables securely to stop the ends falling down the back of your desk.

Great for keeping phones, tablets, laptops or any other powered device on your desktop charged without fear of loosing that important cable end.

funky stationery cable buddies

Tetris blocks sticky notes

Is packing the boot of the car before going on holiday, getting the food shopping to all fit in a single bag, even the process of filling boxes when moving house inspired by spending your youth lining up tetrominos in Tetris?

Then you can now line up your casual desktop notes to satisfy your cravings for order and balance. Predictably though there will never be enough of that infinitely desirable long skinny bar you expect.

funky stationery tetris sticky notes

Think there is something we missed? Want OfficeTeam to start selling these funky items? Let us know in the comments below…

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