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How important is Facilities Management for a thriving business?

“An organisational function which integrates people, place and process, within the built environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.”

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) ISO 41011:2017

Put simply, Facilities Management is a process of managing and maintaining the facilities within your business. There are many regulations that fall under the umbrella of facilities management, but what they all have in common is that, though they are not a key business function, they are essential to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your business.

Why is Facilities Management so important?

The end goal for any business is to cut costs, improve staff productivity, and increase ROI. An effective facilities management process is vital; it is seen as an integral part of the strategic and day-to-day operation of businesses, and not as an add-on. For a business to operate successfully and achieve objectives there must be processes in place that support your facilities management:

  1. Health and safety

Health and safety is a legal requirement and applies to all businesses, regardless of size or sector. As employers have a duty of care, it is their legal obligation to ensure employees are safe from workplace dangers and that the safety of the public is not put at risk.

By law, companies are required to assess workplace risks and take preventative action. As a business, to avoid a significant fine or possible prosecution, you should have a robust health and safety management system in place that protects your employees, visitors and the general public.

  2. Maintenance

To keep a building looking its best and operating efficiently, keeping up to date with maintenance is vital. Property upkeep and maintenance is often part of the terms within an office building lease. It is therefore the duty of your business to oversee this maintenance process, whilst also making sure that conditions do not decline.

Most office maintenance issues are easily preventable and repairable if dealt with properly, but if ignored then you could run the risks of:

  • Violating your property terms and conditions
  • Sudden and unexpected failures
  • Causing human injury or in serious cases, death

All of the above can cause a business to shut down, both temporarily and permanently – can your business afford to take this risk?

  3. Products and services

Facilities management also covers PPE, catering, cleaning and other important workplace essentials that often get overlooked. From the kitchen and washroom to the office or warehouse floor, all businesses must ensure they have high performing products that meet the required quality and safety standards.

  4. Strategic planning

Managing facilities efficiently and effectively requires that a robust strategy is developed within the context of your organisation’s business plan. These should involve development of strategic objectives and a plan for facilities management. A strategy for facilities management should:

  • Consider the needs of your business, differentiating between core and non-core business activities;
  • Identify and establish effective and manageable processes for meeting those needs;
  • Establish the appropriate resource needs for providing services, whether obtained internally or externally;
  • Identify the source of the means to finance the strategy and its practical implications;
  • Establish a budget covering short term needs and best value over the long term; and recognise that management of information is key to providing a basis for effective control of facilities management.

Looking to the future

So, there we have it, if you’re left wondering if your facilities management is being managed properly get in touch with us today. Working with you, we operate a number of initiatives to help us get to know your business to deliver a long term, high quality service. We look to create strategic partnerships, enhancing your business through streamlining processes, consolidating suppliers and deliveries and reducing administration.  Contact one of our facilities consultants for a no obligation consultation today by clicking here.

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