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September 18, 2018
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September 20, 2018

An essential part of any business is ensuring that key office services and supplies arrive on time, for the right price. The premise seems simple enough. And yet today’s workplaces are often complex and multi-sited, requiring products and services that span a range of categories. The variety of products can be surprising; from office supplies to furniture and facilities. The resulting mix of deliveries, invoices and reports makes it difficult to keep track of costs. So how can procurement and finance professionals ensure the best solution?

It’s a big challenge. Business processes and cost efficiencies must align. Any solution must deliver quality as well as meeting the strategic needs of the business. The obvious answer is to consolidate purchasing, gaining improved experience, greater control and increased visibility. But does implementing a single supplier live up to expectations?

Customer focused

The key to successful consolidation is ensuring the supplier provides a customer-centric solution. Too often the benefits of a single supplier fail to deliver due to legacy systems, multiple contacts and disjointed processes. By putting the customer first and building a system around the needs of the user, technology can provide the means for a seamless approach.

Suppliers who utilise this approach will lead the market. In fact, spending on B2B eCommerce technology will be twice the size of B2C eCommerce by 2019. Used to excellent customer experience in B2C sites, B2B buyers are seeking high-quality service in B2B platforms too. Companies that deliver on experience, as well as price and availability, will unlock the benefits of supplier consolidation.

Introducing SmartPad

One system focused on providing a simple, intuitive way to manage a multi-category supplies contract is SmartPad from OfficeTeam. It allows customers to place orders, run reports and administer the account via an easy-to-use dashboard. This brings huge benefits to contract users across the board, as they have access to full functionality for their area of responsibility.

Developed with the customer experience in mind, it delivers on user experience as well as essential functionality such as budget management and technical integration. Designed for ease of use, the dashboard enables increased control and visibility of expenditure. Also, it is accessible via desktop and mobile devices so there are no delays in daily management.

This powerful system can transform the management of office supplies across multiple categories. Here we look at five ways that implementing a system such as SmartPad could benefit your organisation.

5 ways SmartPad  will change the way you work

1) Save time

  • Resources are better managed with less time spent administering multiple orders, invoices and deliveries
  • Single basket solution allows orders across all product ranges including office supplies, print, workwear and furniture
  • Order & delivery tracking enables visibility of order status, tracking and product return

2) Increase control and visibility

  • Budget management & authorisations give total control and visibility over expenditure
  • Reporting & analytics show ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard reports and store saved and bespoke reports
  • Notifications provide up-to-the-minute news about the account or orders placed

3) Maximise contract engagement

• Advanced search enables fast location of products, invoice numbers, order numbers and more
• User-specific product lists provide access to tailored or predetermined shopping lists
• Personalised product tools enable the addition of a company logo and online proofing

4) Improve administration

• Single login eradicates multiple logins, allowing seamless movement between functions
• Modifiable Dashboard enables individual modification, enabling quick access to the areas required
• Self-administration allows for the completion of simple account administration tasks without the need to contact OfficeTeam

5) Ease of use

  • Integrates with existing platforms to give seamless access using your existing purchasing system
  • Access to a one-stop solution that allows users to buy all office supplies via a single dashboard


In an uncertain economic climate marginal efficiency savings can no longer guarantee success. Utilising leading technology is crucial and suppliers can help you to improve business processes and cost efficiencies via their systems. In this way, you can take advantage of the time savings benefits and process improvements on offer. Choosing the right supplier with the best technology will help you to pinpoint resources, sharpen capabilities and deliver bottom line savings across your organisation.

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