Interiors insight with Andy Shears – national interiors sales manager - OfficeTeam

Interiors insight with Andy Shears – national interiors sales manager

We caught up with our National Interiors Sales Manager, Andy Shears to discover how workplace interiors are evolving – and what support you can expect from our Interiors Consultants to help your organisation embrace these changes.

Industry insight – I’ve seen a lot of changes…

“I have worked in the furniture industry for over a decade. I started with a small furniture dealer in Poole, which was acquired by OfficeTeam. Now, I support interiors projects throughout the UK as part of OfficeTeam’s national interiors service.”

“I’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry.” “The way we use office spaces has changed to reflect modern ways of working. Monitors have shrunk, leading to smaller workstations and formal meeting rooms have given way to informal, collaborative spaces. Today’s workplaces have to be a lot more versatile.”

Greater choice – you can call on us for all your interiors needs

“Our extended range allows us to solve the whole range of client needs – whether they need a quick delivery of everyday furnishings, or are buying a new building and need help fitting it out. We partner with the UK’s leading furniture manufacturers, so you can rely on us for a wide choice of industry leading products to meet any scope. Our range spans everyday essentials through to premium and made-to-order options.”

“You can call on our experience and professional support every step of the way, from product selection through to space planning. Several of our team are also trained DSE assessors, so we can advise on HSE compliance too.”

Looking ahead – adapting to the future

“Even during the last five years, the office environment has changed a lot – and I’m sure it will continue to do so. We’re well-equipped to adapt to future changes through our partnerships with leading manufacturers, vendors and designers. This gives us the knowledge and skills to develop modern workspaces that will accommodate changing ways of working – a key ingredient if you want to attract new talent.”

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