International Left Handers Day: 13th August

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What do Barack Obama, Prince Charles, Prince William, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Julius Caesar have in common?

They’re all left handed.

As a fellow leftie, living in a right-handed dominated world is rather difficult. From childhood we are taught to hold our knife and fork the ‘right’ way, use a mouse with our right hand and use right handed scissors, all while trying to defy the natural instinct of using our left hand.

Well enough is enough! (Well at least for a day anyway)

August 13th marks International Left Handers Day. A day for lefties (and everyone else) to celebrate all things left handed. Initially starting in 1992 the event is now celebrated in the UK and has gone onto gain recognition worldwide, as well as the formation of The Left Handers Club. The club works well as a mouthpiece to let manufacturers know what products should have a left handed alternative as well as a great forum for left handers alike to come together. The day is also a great way to encourage the right handed people in your life to try out left handed tasks.

Did you know that only 10% of the world’s population is left-handed? Therefore with a workforce of 938 there are only 93 colleagues at OfficeTeam that are lefties!

The infographic* below has some other interesting stats on what it means to be a lefty.
Left in a Right World

As an office supplies company who provide stationery, OfficeTeam pride themselves on being able to meet the needs of all their customers. So why not head on over to OfficeTeam Direct as there are some special goodies on offer especially for the lefties! Plus you’ll be able to put a stop to those colleagues who “borrow” your stationery.

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