Logistics Services – Our Special Relationship With An Exclusive Group Of Key Channel Partners

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Logistics Services – Our Special Relationship With An Exclusive Group Of Key Channel Partners

OfficeTeam partners with a select number of other UK providers of office supplies including Jubilee by providing them and their customers our industry leading logistics service.

We combine forces with our exclusive partners and share our distribution resources and van routes, allowing us all to make more frequent deliveries at a lower cost. This also enables us to fulfil your orders in the most energy and time efficient way due to shorter, more effectively used, and carefully planned van routes.

OfficeTeam have multiple local stocking points across the UK, offering customers a faster and more efficient service, whilst also reducing our carbon emissions. Our central logistics team provide our partners a range of expertise in logistics systems, routing, delivery scheduling and project management. Between us we work to ensure the impact we have on the environment is keep to a minimum.

We also use our combined purchasing power to everyone’s mutual advantage. Through collaborative sourcing we can buy the very best quality of branded and own label products from the best global manufacturers at the most competitive prices. We can pass on lower costs to our collective customers as a result of this unique partnership approach.

Our OfficeTeam fleet of vans are fully owned, liveried and driven by our dedicated Team of drivers. Our fleet of over 150 vans includes a number of electric vehicles for central business districts, and we make over a million deliveries a year for ourselves and our partners.

Jubilee Direct

Jubilee Direct provide a range of high quality office supplies. If you are a Jubilee customer, please contact them directly at:

Jubilee House
233-235 High Street
0333 700 7777


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