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Managed Print Service – Helping Law Firms Keep Their Mobile Working Strategy Secure

Information security is a primary concern for businesses, with high profile attacks putting the threat of hacks, cybercrime and data breach firmly on the boardroom agenda. A plethora of sensitive information will pass through a law firm from tax information and criminal background checks to depositions, court filing and client billing. In 2016, 90% of the top 25 law firms experienced a cyber-attack, due to this it’s a firm’s legal obligation to follow strict compliance and keep sensitive information secure.

A law firm will handle an overwhelming volume of documents, which means the frequent printing of confidential documents. The challenge they face, is one of the main network security weak spots; the printer. The fact that printers are connected to company networks makes them as vulnerable to hackers and malware as any PC or mobile device. It’s also well known among hackers that printers are often a central repository for sensitive company information, given that everything is retained in the hard drive.

Compliance management

Law firms must be able to demonstrate the systems in place for the storage of sensitive data are secure, and compliance calls for robust controls over who can access documents and data; however, without a thorough and secure print network, your printer could be at risk to security breaches and non-compliance. And, with corporate clients expecting visible document and data compliance, it’s vital there is a clear audit trail of when and how the documents have been used.

A Managed Print Solution (MPS) allows for secure and trackable printing and, by managing and securing the entire print process from user click to print collection, your business-critical documents won’t end up in the wrong hands.

With the technological advancements occurring in the business world, most notably the growth of mobile working, it is essential that law firms are carrying out audits and updating security measures of networks to ensure their sensitive and confidential data and information are being kept secure.

The rise of mobile working

With global business patterns and technology constantly changing, the need for companies to adapt to business environments is vital. Since 2015, mobile technology has parked itself in the legal profession and has forever changed the way lawyers now operate. As we move towards an increasingly “paperless” world, devices like smartphones and tablets allow many workers, such as lawyers, to spend their working day travelling to meetings or court cases for example, only docking in at the central office hub when absolutely required.

Since law firms cannot avoid incorporating these tools into their practice, they must acknowledge the security risks involved and minimize them as much as possible. The more accessible data becomes, the greater the danger the wrong person will gain access. When printing through mobile devices, there are greater risks of a security breach through insecure networks or cyber-attacks. Further to this, when printing from a mobile device, there is a risk someone might claim your document from the print tray without your permission.

A Managed print service allows mobile workforces to securely and efficiently connect their smartphones and tablets to the print network, and then print directly to any networked printer, without having to log-in to a desktop or printer directly. To fight the risk of an unauthorised personnel collecting your documents at the print tray, passwords or finger recognition are required to collect the printed documents.

With the enhanced security MPS offers, visiting lawyers can print their own documents without jeopardising their working or the hosting law firm’s network through a service called “follow me” printing, which allows printing based on location.

Security, compliance & costs

Document compliance is vital in the legal sector and secure printing, through a managed print solution, will help you minimise the risk of accidently exposing confidential or sensitive information saving your firm’s reputation and a possibly receiving  a hefty fine.

By streamlining your print processes you will also save money through less paper wastage, less time will be wasted by staff and you can keep track of all print jobs which can be billed back to clients.

How we can help

DigitalTeam are specialists in creating strategies for print usage across organisations. We have extensive experience with working with law firms to implement an MPS solution to help them keep their print network secure. We will work closely with you to analyse your existing print strategy before providing a bespoke MPS solution.

We will faultlessly manage your entire print infrastructure whilst you focus on the day-to-day running of your business. If you would like to make the move to an MPS, have an audit across your print activities or would just like to know more about what we do, contact our experts today.

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