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The allure of a free gift is always a motivator when purchasing. Research shows if a promotional item is useful, 89% of people will keep it.

Organised by British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), who are the UK’s leading industry body dedicated to promoting best practice around the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of promotional products, National Promotional Week raises awareness of the use of promotional products and encourages companies to incorporate them into their marketing plans.

Aside from gaining a freebie, used correctly, promotional material can be used as a powerful tool to convey advertising messages.

Here at OfficeTeam we are no stranger to promotions. Whether it’s a bundle offer or a promotional code, we are constantly coming up with new ideas and eye catching offers that will appeal to our customers.

The key benefits of using promotional materials

Creates upsell and cross-sell opportunities
This is an effective method used to get customers to buy additional products alongside their original item. As long as the additional product is relevant to the customer and in line with their original choice of product

Drives customer decision making
Limited availability offers can create a sense of urgency that drives your customer to act quickly.  For example, the use of countdown timers helps a customer to see the benefits of your promotion – usually price reductions or savings, along with the added time element which creates compelling reasons to buy sooner rather than later.

Creates word-of-mouth opportunities
As far as communication goes, word-of-mouth acts as a great tool. Consumers are more likely to make purchases off the back of a recommendation from their peers, as they consider this a more trustworthy source.

Grows revenue
This is one of the main reasons behind using promotional products. Essentially the promotional activity you produce should translate into sale\s within the company.

For more information on National Promotional Products Week take a look at their website.

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