National Stationery Week – 25th April To 01st May 16

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We live in an age where typing on a computer, smart phone or tablet is increasingly replacing writing out things by hand on regular pen and paper. Even simple note-taking and to-do lists can be replaced by the countless productivity apps available these days.

According to YouGov research 92% of adults think that writing by hand is important, and 97% think it is important for children to be taught to write.

National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery; the products which make it all possible and give pleasure to so many people. From the 25th April to 1st May, National Stationery Week aims to get people all over the world talking and writing about stationery and to learn why writing by hand is so important.

Your learning capabilities are enhanced when writing by hand…

Although writing by hand does play an important part in everyday activities, does it make a difference to the way the brain works? Here are some interesting benefits of ‘putting pen to paper’…

  1. It keeps your mind sharp as you get older – Writing essentially activates more parts of the brain than typing does, including the areas that govern regions like thinking, language and your working memory.
  2. You’ll remember more of what you wrote – Handwriting involves remembering the shapes and lines of letters, and then using your brain’s motor skills to form each letter with your hand. It’s more complicated that pushing keys on a keyboard!
  3. It supports better creativity – Because writing by hand combines visual, motor and cognitive perception, it’s a much slower and involved process compared to typing. With more regions of both your left and right side of your brain engaged through handwriting, you can enjoy more of a creative boost compared to what a keyboard offers you.

From your Roller balls, markers and pencils, through to your gel pens, you can never have too much stationery. With our innovative office stationery essentials, we can provide your business with the right products to help you celebrate National Stationery Week… all at competitive prices.

So, is the pen still mightier than the keyboard? Click here for an A-Z of why writing really matters.

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