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Who Are OfficeTeam And What Are The New Sector Brands?
Who Are OfficeTeam And What Are The New Sector Brands?
December 7, 2012

OfficeTeam have been secretly working behind the scenes to give our website a considerable facelift. is now easier to navigate, faster to load and after a moderate dose of Botox, 100% wrinkle free and beautiful. As you can see, we have made a lot of changes that we hope you will like.

New Layout

We have completely updated the design of the website with a focus on better menu navigation, making it easier for you to find exactly what you want, when you want it. If you are looking to find out why using our managed print service can save you money, or how OfficeTeam contributes positively to the environment, you can now get there with less clicks and less hassle.

Updated Contact Methods

Maybe you just want to get in touch with us to order new office supplies or check on a delivery? Our new contact form is designed to help you save time, so you can get back to doing your own thing without wasting time wondering where your printer paper is. No more jumping through hoops trying to find the right person at our office, let an expert who is knowledgeable about your business requirements call you back at a time convenient to you.

Specialised Sector Brands

As you know, OfficeTeam consists of a wide range of expert teams in different fields, from stationery supplies and office furniture, to archive storage solutions and workwear products. Each sector has now become an individual brand, making it easier to manage your different suppliers for all your business needs. Keep an eye out for new websites for these sector brands coming soon.

Regularly Updated Blog

It seems like everyone has a blog these days, even Grandmas are writing about expert knitting techniques and different ways to use Tupperware! With so much information to share, we thought it was a great time for OfficeTeam to hop on the blog-wagon and start sharing our specialist knowledge. Look out for articles on ways to save your business money, tips for creating a better office environment and regular competitions giving away free goodies.


OfficeTeam love to give away competition prizes. We have recently given away Apple iPods and iPads, hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers, digital photo frames and tasty tins of Quality Street. Stay up to date with our latest competitions by following us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Case Studies

Did you know that OfficeTeam have worked with some rather large companies such as The NHS, Fred Perry and Specsavers? With careful analysis of spending and performance, we helped all these companies save time and money on their business products. See how we did it by reading our detailed case studies showing services and benefits provided.

Mobile Friendly

With mobile traffic now accounting for over 10% of all internet traffic, we understand that having an updated website with full compatibility for mobile and tablet devices is an important part of customer experience. Fully responsive, our new website looks beautiful no matter with device you use to view it.

The OfficeTeam website was designed for you and we want you to enjoy using it. If you have any comments, suggestions, recommendations or feedback about the new website, please let us know through our new contact form.

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