Our Fleet Wins Gold for Going Green

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October 5, 2018
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November 19, 2018

OfficeTeam has been awarded Gold Fleet status by Masternaut in recognition of our green logistics.

The Challenge of Green Logistics

Transportation is the leading cause of greenhouse gases in the UK. So, we constantly review ways to reduce the environmental impact of our delivery operations. In support of this, our vans are fitted with Masternaut’s telematics devices, which transmit data to aid fleet management.

Speed and distance data from the devices allows us to track the movement of our vehicles, encourage green driving behaviours and improve the efficiency of our fleet utilisation – for example, through more effective route planning.

Our High Performing Fleet

Masternaut launched its Fleet CO2 Reduction Programme to reward companies who are making strides to reduce the CO2 output of their fleets. The scheme has been verified by the Energy Savings Trust. Using data from vans’ fuel injectors and odometers, Masternaut can calculate the fuel efficiency of a fleet and compare this year-on-year to identify improvement – and compare data against benchmarks set by other Masternaut fleets.

We were given Gold Fleet status after data from the full 2017 calendar year outperformed Masternaut’s benchmark by 5% or more.

Mounting Praise

The award follows our fleet receiving Gold for Best Sustainable Transport at the Global Good Awards 2018.

Learn what makes our fleet so green here.

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