Are You Prepared For Your Work Christmas Party?

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December 9, 2016
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Christmas Party

The countdown to Christmas inevitably means the famous or infamous (in some cases!) work Christmas party. In preparation you may have pulled out all the stops to shape up, glam up and get ‘dressed to the nines’. After a long year of hard work, character building and an impeccable office reputation, now is not the time to have one too many cocktails and tarnish it…

Dodgy dancing, booze and gossip are the norm at a Christmas party but here are 10 top tips to get through the party with a clear head and ensure your conscience is clear the next day…

  1. Drink waterAim to drink at least 1.5 litres during the day so you don’t hit the party dehydrated.
  2. Food glorious food – Eat! The silent Christmas party killer – too much food and you could end up bloated, not enough food and you could end up spending the rest of the evening in the bathroom…
  3. Pace yourself – The night is young and it certainly isn’t a race, so no mixing – try to stick to the same drinks making them into spritzers or shandies, and drink some water or soft drinks between rounds.
  4. Remember your office etiquette – Parties can be career makers or breakers, so if you wouldn’t say it in the office, then don’t say it after a few drinks! Try and mingle with everyone or at least exchange glances – events can be a great way of connecting with people that you haven’t done so before.
  5. Shut off social mediaEmbarrassing pictures or statuses – you bet. Putting your inner thoughts on social media, good or bad, is likely to lead to some very awkward conversations or replies in the morning.
  6. Dance – Know your dancing capabilities and don’t overdo it! Nobody likes a show off, so leave the John Travolta finger pointing, but feel free to join in with the group ‘Macarena’.
  7. Dress appropriately – Ensure you know the dress code and do not listen to the office joker when they tell you it’s fancy dress!
  8. Stay clear from the mistletoe –If you’ve got your eye on someone at work, this really isn’t the right time to drag them under the mistletoe. Not only will you have an attentive audience, but a cheeky Christmas kiss will also ensure that you’re the source of office gossip for weeks, if not years to come.
  9. Stay safeMake sure you get home safely by pre-booking a taxi in advance or sharing a cab home with colleagues.
  10. Finally – stay well away from the photocopier – need we say more?


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  1. Dan says:

    I wish I had read this last week! Oh well, I have a few days off now so hopefully everyone will have forgotten all about it when we go back next week. You never know.

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