Preparing your business for homeworking – FAQs

Businesses have to be fluid in the approach to dealing with the coronavirus and it is inevitable that remote working will increase as organisations have an obligation to protect their workforce.

What are my obligations as an Employer?

Employers have a duty of care for all their employees, and the requirements of the health and safety legislation apply to homeworkers. The employer is responsible for carrying out a risk assessment to check whether the proposed home workplace’s ventilation, temperature, lighting, space, chair, desk and computer, or any kind of workstation, and floor are suitable for the tasks the homeworker will be carrying out.

The employer is responsible for the equipment it supplies, but it is the employee’s responsibility to rectify any flaws in the home highlighted by the assessment. Once the home workplace has passed the assessment, the employee is then responsible for keeping it that way.*

How can OfficeTeam help me?

We can kit out your home workers quickly and efficiently with our extensive range of home office products. From essentials to premium products, our quick start bundles will ensure your team are up and running from home as soon as possible.

Our bundles cover:

      >   Furniture, (desk, chair, filing cabinets)

      >   Stationery (Paper, pens, notebooks, yellow notes, envelopes, desktop accessories, lamps and stapler)

      >   Technology (Printers, shredders, telephones, USB drives, monitors, webcams, and speakers)

      >   Computer Accessories (Back and foot rests, Mouse pads, keyboard wrist pads, notebook stands, extension leads, HDMI cables, laptop cases, keyboards and Mouse)

How can I get products to my staff?

We will deliver products directly to your remote workers’ homes. With our own fleet of vans driven by directly employed drivers, we can be flexible in our delivery solutions and we have stringent rules for any third party deliveries used over this busy time. . We will ensure that every precaution is taken to avoid contamination.

How can I keep control of my expenditure?

Once your staff are up and running at home we can continue to keep them supplied with products, but in a manner that will help you keep control of their expenditure and stop any ‘rogue spending’ through the use of SmartPad , our online ordering portal. SmartPad is ideal for multi-sited companies as it can host multiple users with individual unique logins. Built for the modern user, our SmartPad system is accessible 24 hours a day via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

SmartPad gives you complete visibility and control of purchasing activity by applying purchasing restrictions to each login based on your preferences. For instance, we can allocate each login specific products, budgets, cost centres and authorisation levels. In addition, we can set maximum order levels for individual lines, giving you total control and visibility over your expenditure.

How can I ensure that the products ordered are fit for purpose?

We can restrict the items that your homeworkers can order, and ensure new items required are added to your core list of products. This will ensure your business benefits from the greatest value in terms of economies of scale and costs whilst maintaining the quality of your goods.

Maintain product continuity

Our unique warehouse and logistics operation network operation reduces supply chain risk. Ensuring your homeworkers have access to the goods they need, when and where they need them.


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