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Print industry insights with Simon Clapperton

We caught up with Simon Clapperton, our National Development Director, to discover how the print industry is evolving – and how our Print Consultants can help you achieve the best value from your printed collateral.

Streamlining processes – technology is as important as the product itself…

“I began working in the print industry before the internet had really boomed. I was hired by a business which specialised in personalised business cards and name badges. Though the products were arguably quite mundane, we excelled in the solutions we offered to manage them. To streamline the ordering process, we used to send customers a CD of customisable order templates. Later on, this would be replaced with online ordering systems which simplified things even further. Throughout my career, the technology solution has always been as important as the printed product itself.”

Delivering value – helping clients balance quality and cost…

“Back in the late 1980s, a lot of printers were making good money out of print without necessarily delivering value or quality. Print management emerged as a way to drive better value for buyers. We use our expertise to help customers find the best solution at the right price whilst ensuring quality and brand integrity are maintained. To help clients keep the cost of the physical product down, we often suggest ways to re-engineer the product. For instance, we may advise where more cost-effective materials, presses or production schedules can achieve better value.”

Return on investment – choosing the products that meet our clients’ goals…

“The job of a good print management company is to help the client realise the return on investment of their printed communications. The price of the product itself can only go down so far. However, we help clients understand what printed collateral will work best depending on their objectives and target audience. By recommending tweaks, we can ensure they are printing the right product for their goals, achieving a better overall return on investment.”

A win-win-win – effective print management benefits all parties…

“Print management benefits all parties. The buyer is able to achieve better value whilst avoiding the cost of hiring an in house print buying function. We act as an extension of their team, giving them the purchasing expertise, product knowledge and consumer insight to tailor their communications through the right print medium. Meanwhile, we effectively act as the sales team for our print partners, freeing them to focus on the quality and development of the product. This setup is a true win-win-win – we work with the printers to deliver good value, high quality printed products for the benefit of our buyer.”

Looking ahead – staying abreast of innovations…

“The future of print will certainly be smaller volume, higher specification print jobs. We’re already seeing many clients achieve success through smaller runs of highly personalised printed collateral. This has led to a greater reliance on technology, including online solutions to streamline the ordering of personalised collateral. Our print partners constantly invest in new technology and equipment, allowing us to offer clients the latest solutions. By liaising with our industry peers it enables us to stay abreast of the latest innovations in the world of print.”

Whatever your print requirements, our end-to-end print management service can help you achieve best value – from design through to delivery.

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