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June 12, 2015
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July 7, 2015

We all know that recycling can be a struggle especially when having to differentiate between what goes in the green bin vs. the brown bin, negotiating collection days and the embarrassment of having to run out in your pyjamas to catch the van before it drives off!

Whether it is at home, in the office or elsewhere recycling is something that we should be all doing as it helps to conserve resources, saves energy and helps to protect the environment.

In order to promote this, Recycle Week is a national recycle campaign supported by the Government to help people recycle more often.

Did you know?*

  • 5 million Tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK.
  • It takes 7 days for a recycled newspaper to come back as a newspaper again.
  • 67% of the paper and cardboard used in the UK is recovered for recycling
  • the average office worker uses up to 45 sheets of paper per day

Take a look at a few suggestions put together by Recycle Now on how to encourage recycling within the workplace.

  • Encourage senior management to get involved: their buy-in is important and it is beneficial for messages to come from them.
  • Information about the recycling services can be cascaded at team meetings, through the intranet, internal newsletters and e-zines, as well as verbally and by using posters.
  • Speak to cleaning staff to ensure that they recycle correctly.
  • Remove individual ‘under desk’ bins and install single waste and recycling points. This increases the amount of material recycled by removing the temptation for people to ‘easily’ throw away. It is important that this is clearly communicated in advance. You are likely to see some initial resistance, but people soon get used to the new system.

What can OfficeTeam do?

OfficeTeam provide a variety of recycling services so that together with our customers we can help do our bit for the environment. As well as paper and ink toner recycling, we also offer exclusive recycling programmes for office furniture, electronic products and batteries.

Interested? Read more here

Source: BBC news

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