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August 5, 2016
Save Money, Space And Energy: Introduce A Multifunction Device

Innovations in technology have given us a host of ways to share, replicate and store documents – from printing and photocopying, through to scanning, faxing and email. In the past, each of these functions has required a different machine. This resulted in offices crowded with different devices.

Thankfully, several of these functions can now be performed by all-in-one machines, otherwise known as Multifunction Devices (MFDs). Much like smartphones double-up as digital cameras, calculators and personal organisers, these MFDs have combined our document solutions into a single, efficient machine.

The Advantages of Multifunction Devices

  • Better Value: Although an MFD may cost more than a single device, it is typically cheaper than buying an entire fleet of individual machines to perform the same range of functions. In addition, it usually performs each function to a higher quality than individual machines purchased more cheaply as part of a fleet.
  • Save Space: An all-in-one device has a smaller footprint than a fleet of individual devices. In addition, MFDs are typically free-standing, freeing-up desk space previously occupied by separate desktop printers, scanners, photocopiers and fax machines.
  • Additional Features: There may be some functions which staff only use occasionally – for example faxing. Rather than buying a separate machine for this infrequent task, an MFD will provide this value-added functionality.
  • Energy Efficient: An MFD consumes less energy than a fleet of individual devices. As a result, it is cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. In addition, it also uses a single power socket – meaning fewer cables to manage.
  • Fewer Consumables: Where a fleet of individual devices will require different toners, and cartridges, an MFD will need just one set. So, there are fewer different supplies to order, stock and manage. As well as saving time and being easier to manage, this could generate economies of scale.
  • Streamlined Support: In the event of something going wrong, MFD users can consult one manual, contact a single helpdesk and the device will be covered by one warranty. In addition, MFDs can often be procured as part of a Managed Print Service which encompasses hardware, software, consumables, service and repair – streamlining all of these elements under a single contract.

Expert Guidance

Are you considering an MFD? Our expert DigitalTeam specialises in helping organisations implement a strategy for their printed documents, aligned to the organisation’s specific budget, usage and activities. Whether you want to replace an existing fleet, or are purchasing your first devices, contact one of our specialists  to arrange a no-obligation consultation.



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