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The Top 10 SmartPad Features

As you may already be aware, the industry’s leading digital procurement platform, SmartPad, gives you unrivalled access to the UK’s most comprehensive range of business products and services through a single, easy-to-use digital portal. 

From configuration and customisation, to rich media and authorisation routes, it boasts all the feature-rich functionality to support modern procurement teams in achieving a streamlined supply chain, with ultimate control and visibility of expenditure. 

And with the platform’s third iteration having been recently unveiled, SmartPad is more sophisticated than ever. 

So, whether you’re an existing customer looking to boost their ROI, or a prospect who needs a little more convincing, here are 10 of the platform’s most impressive features…

  1. Extended range

Housing an extended range comprising hundreds of thousands of products – including core brands such as 5 Star™ – in one central procurement hub, SmartPad affords both a seamless shopping experience and product choice in abundance. 

And this number is always on the increase, as the platform is continuously supercharged with new lines to meet evolving needs, tastes, and budgets. We can even access third-party products on behalf of our customers!

  1. Subscription orders

SmartPad’s sophisticated repeat order functionality allows users to subscribe to a basket of goods, chosen from our comprehensive product range, and schedule a suitable time for it to be automatically fulfilled – so you can ‘set and forget’ your business essentials. 

Depending on your permission policies, there’s also flexibility to cancel, pause, or update your subscriptions at any moment, according to your needs and budget.

  1. Configurable items

Stealing a march on the in-store shopping experience, configurable furniture ordering not only makes browsing our range easier and more convenient – presenting 100s of SKUs on a single page selection – it also enables users to compare and contrast the items on offer in an innovative, 3D format.

  1. Customisable items

Taking configuration one step further, SmartPad also offers a degree of customisation – from business print and workwear, to promotional products – to suit even the most niche requirements. 

But that’s not all – users of the platform are also able to save templates onto their own dashboard to reuse and refine for future purchases.

  1. Shopping lists

Creating a more seamless shopping experience, this tool provides access to predetermined lists created through contracts while empowering users to create their own – whether it’s products that are required on a regular basis, or that fall under a specific category. 

Within these lists, buyers can apply multiple layers of rules, authorisations, budgets, restricted views, and favourites, to help manage and aggregate tail spend throughout the full scope of their organisation.

  1. Approval rules

At OfficeTeam, we know that keeping control of spend is crucial. That’s why SmartPad offers a dedicated set of features designed to help you create cost efficiencies and maintain total expenditure visibility. 

To prevent rogue spending and help organisational leaders keep a firm hold of budgets, authorisation rules can be set to ensure baskets meet a variety of requirements – from maximum product grabs and specific user restrictions, to product list and category refusals.

  1. Budget management

As well as setting authorisation rules on who places orders and what these baskets include, users can set a specific value that can be spent to procure goods from SmartPad. 

These budgets can be applied by a fixed term in line with your fiscal year – or on a monthly or quarterly basis – with available restrictions including: order budget; period budget; cost centre budget; user budget; group budget; product category budget.

  1. Search and browse

SmartPad’s advanced global search tool allows users to search for anything from product names and SKUs, to invoice numbers and reports, so you can be confident that you’ll always find what you’re looking for. 

By attributing data to your search, SmartPad will suggest relevant products with a powerful contextual filtering option, and an intuitive correction functionality will also handle misspellings to generate more accurate results. 

  1. Rich media 

Throughout SmartPad’s development history – from 2019 to now – significant advancements have been made to the display of information. 

Downloadable product videos and datasheets, high-resolution zoomable images, and classifications for technical suppliers provide users with a vast array of sources to interact with and base their purchasing on.


  1. Customer integration 

Direct technical integration with existing purchasing platforms – including a 99% coverage of all well-known ERP and P2P systems – provides seamless access to our products using your organisation’s existing purchasing platform. 

And with a dedicated onboarding team on hand to support, using SmartPad has never been easier.  

Of course, innovation and ambition never stand still, so the roadmap for SmartPad’s next stage of growth is already underway. But the introduction and augmentation of these features is an important milestone in the development of the platform – helping to satisfy the needs of modern procurement teams, with complete wraparound support. 

For more information, or a comprehensive demo of the tool, please speak to your account manager or use our live chat facility within SmartPad. 

Alternatively, contact our sales team to run through your requirements.

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