Toner Myths – What The Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know

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March 19, 2013
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April 15, 2013
Toner Myths - What The Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know

As one of the UK’s leading retailers of toner cartridges, we are in the fortunate position to be able to offer our customers reliable, informative and impartial advice.

When choosing a printer, people rarely think about the long-term costs of day to day printing and the hidden costs they will face.   Everyday printers are fairly easy to come by and in most cases are very low cost. More often than not they even have a small amount of ink thrown in to start you off.  However that is where the good times can end – Manufacturers often believe they have you in their pocket with the  “YOU MUST ONLY USE OUR BRANDED TONERS IN OUR PRINTERS’ line and this is where the costs can start to mount up.


Please buyer beware – manufacturers may tell you your warranty is null and void if you use compatible cartridges in YOUR printer, however it is your choice as to which make of cartridge you would prefer to use.

Please remember – compatibles are not an inferior product (as some manufacturers would have you believe) and do have the same page yield and print quality as the branded cartridges you are ADVISED to purchase.

The editor of The Recycler magazine David Connett states:

“Imagine if you bought a new car and you were low on fuel but you weren’t allowed to stop at an ESSO or Texaco garage because your manufacturer insists you can only use Shell; you would be furious.  Yet this is what is happening with printers and ink!”

The toner scam has been well documented over the last decade, with it being reported that cartridges with 4ml of ink cost as little as 50p to make, yet are sold at around £13 each. This kind of mark-up is rarely seen in any other industry! What is even more distressing is that over the past decade manufacturers have been reducing the amount of ink they put in each cartridge.

It was only recently that a large supermarket was advertising an all in one inkjet printer with a copier and scanner for under £30.00 – bargain we all shout, but wait, the cartridges that you should buy cost at least £20.00. Within a very short space of time the consumer will have spent double the cost of the printer on  simple ink cartridges!

A typical branded cartridge costs around £13.00 and contains a paltry 4ml of ink, which works out at around £3,000 a litre. when you compare that to the cost of buying a bottle of Bollinger champagne at over £150, the champagne sounds like an absolute steal.

Could we the consumer make a better environmental choice?

Which? uncovered another issue with the cartridges; it discovered that some printer brands get through more ink than others because of the ‘cleaning cycles’ they run through every time they are turned on.

When a lot of printers are first turned on, the printer has to clean the cartridge’s nozzles by running ink through them on to an absorbent pad within the printer. This is meant to ensure they are free of dirt and don’t clog up.  But what it actually means is that people who constantly have their printers turned on will use less ink than those who turn them off.  Some printers can use upwards of four times as much ink when they are turned off and on between jobs.

With all these hidden costs it’s difficult to know what is best for how you use your printer.  OfficeTeam have experts on hand to offer unbiased advice on the most cost effective way of printing, whether it is for small office use or multi-national business.

For more handy tips or advice please contact the Digital Team on: 0844 801 3740 or visit for further information.

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