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The Benefits Of E-Invoicing Compliance
May 23, 2013
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May 29, 2013

We realised that our customers are facing challenges arising from changes taking place in the legal market. Our task is to meet those challenges by providing a simple, technical solution. Our development team looked at how we could use innovation to make life easier for our customers.

An increasing requirement for competitive pricing (and the subsequent need to cut costs) will place on-going pressures on solicitors. ‘It is essential that we understand how the requirements of our customers will change with the advent of ABS’s and new business models’ says Nick Hodges, MD. ‘I am responsible for ensuring the development of the services we’ll need to deliver to the thousands of practices that make up our customer base.’

In response, we developed an innovative forms system that offers an intuitive, faster interface, improved searching, on-line submission options and easy forms sharing along with an extremely efficient form updating system.

Stephen Martin, Technical Director of Oyez Legal Software, says ‘We realised that the simplest way to share documents was to publish them in familiar Word Format so we incorporated this feature and are continually adding Word documents to our range. Response has been very positive indeed.’

With a view to simplifying the process, we investigated the actions required to fill in specific forms. This helped us to develop our new, intelligent Form E. ‘Traditionally, this form has presented a time-consuming paper chase for family law practitioners’ comments Stephen, ‘we’ve essentially removed the ‘hassle factor’ involved in completing the form.’

As well as its many time-saving features such as familiar Word format, flexible tables, automatic calculations, instant Schedule of Assets and a built-in currency converter, the Form-E can easily be emailed to clients for information capture. This saves a lot of time.

We aim to continue this innovative approach for our customers. We’ve developed a new version of IHT400 and are currently beta testing a combined LPA form that will group all of the forms involved in Power of Attorney submissions. In addition, we’re developing a new sharing and collaboration feature to be launched soon. ‘Our new ‘reach-out’ feature will allow easy communication with clients through an interactive web questionnaire. The questionnaire will collect all required information and when completed, the data will be imported directly back into the relevant form’ says Stephen.

Using an innovative approach to the challenges our customers face has undoubtedly helped our business, ‘Every day more top law firms move to Oyez Forms’ comments Nick. ‘By working with us, solicitors can gain the advantages of a forms system that is more reliable, more cost-effective and that they know will meet their needs today and into the future.’

Contact us today if you would like to discuss our Legal Forms solution in more detail.

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