VIP Event: The Logistics sector takeaways

Following on from our recent VIP event — ‘What’s keeping procurement leaders up at night’ — which tackled a wide-ranging number of key challenges that all sectors are experiencing.
In this blog, we look at the key takeaway points our panel of industry experts which specifically apply to the warehousing, transport, and logistics sectors.


Technology is key to help us ‘build back better’

With growing talk around the UK’s need to ‘build back better’ post-Covid-19, the role of technology and digitalisation within the logistics sector cannot be overstated.

Our recent blog — ‘How embracing digitalisation can drive supply chain efficiencies’ — covered this subject in far more detail, but the overriding view remains that tech will play a pivotal role in the future of the industry.

With a reported 80% of procurement professionals stating they don’t believe they’re using technology to the best of their ability, Paul Kefford, global head of procurement at Halma PLC — one of our expert panellists — echoed his own experiences of this. “Tech is seen as a heavy cost to invest in. There are still lots of barriers to entry, such as the existing data already embedded in businesses.

“Data is the key to success. By using it in the right way, we can improve business processes, reduce wasted money and time, which impacts on every company’s bottom line. The ability to offer insight will help to develop companies’ own procurement strategy.”

As many of the world leaders in the transport and logistics function look to new partnerships with tech giants to fully digitalise their supply chain, late adopters could well find themselves falling out of touch — and uncompetitive within the marketplace, as a result.

With that in mind, organisations need to be committed to investing in training and the upscaling of teams’ current skill sets to maximise the benefits provided by software and business tools, to future proof their organisation.

Business management and digital procurement systems — such as our SmartPad 2 tool — allow for real-time data-driven decisions to be made throughout the procurement process. Far more than just an online ordering facility, the ability to compare market prices, and produce reports at the touch of a button, places invaluable business intelligence into the hands of your team.


CSR needs to get back on the agenda

Corporate social responsibility has also been a key focus for the sector, but when the pandemic hit, C02 emissions and the need to reduce carbon footprints slipped down the list of priorities for many.

Our recent white paper — ‘A guide to the future of logistics and warehousing procurement’ — explores this point in greater depth, but the adoptions of environmental processes and need for organisations to have a core emphasis on carbon savings remains a significant challenge for the sector.

Although the sudden drop in carbon emissions – induced by the global lockdown – generated widespread excitement as to ‘what could be’ if we all reset our previous wasteful behaviours, an article from National Geographic soon revealed that the ecological benefits of lockdown were relatively short-lived. Some climate change experts are even predicting that carbon output could even surge past pre-pandemic levels as the world starts to move once more.

From innovative packaging solutions and even outsourcing local deliveries, many businesses are looking at unified ways of adopting a greener way to do business.

At OfficeTeam, we are proud of the ongoing commitment to our CSR mission. We’ve recently made some changes to our business to improve this area including adapting our delivery service to accommodate home workers, and introducing mixed dry recycling into our CDC, all with the focus on helping us to become a more sustainable partner to for customers.

If you missed our webinar where we discussed these key points and much more, you can find the full recording on our website.

To find out more about how OfficeTeam is perfectly positioned to become your procurement partner for the future, or to discuss our free 30-day procurement reset test, please click here, and a member of our team will be in touch.

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