Gateshead Housing
February 22, 2016
St Austell Brewery
August 10, 2015

“We’re very pleased with our partnership with FacilitiesSuppliesTeam. They have been experts in providing us with the best advice to save on costs and to date we haven’t had any problems. Their turnaround times in providing the items we need are outstanding. We would definitely recommend them to any businesses out there.”

– Danwood

The Challenge

The Danwood Group sourced many of their non-core items through various suppliers, this led to many issues including an increase in administration costs and inconsistency of the quality of products.

It was difficult to build a good relationship with the mixture of suppliers used, which led to only one off purchases and little prospect of gaining repeat orders.

The Danwood Group were in search for a partnership that could consolidate and develop their internal strategy for the better. This is where FacilitiesSuppliesTeam came in and provided Danwood with a solution.

Our Solution

Danwood made a lot of ad-hoc purchasing, products included screen wash, adhesive sprays, waste bags, gel insoles and gloves, plus, day to day janitorial lines, but after partnering with WorkplaceTeam we were able to consolidate their list of suppliers into one.

The expertise of the FacilitiesSuppliesTeam helped Danwood to reduce their challenges to a minimum. Products were sourced with correct specifications within the timescales required, ideally within 24-48 hours from initial enquiry.

Overall, Danwood are very pleased with the relationship they have with FacilitiesSuppliesTeam. With improved efficiency Danwood were able to establish new savings through agreed price levels. There was also less administration costs due to the consolidation of one invoice.

Danwood now has an improved strategy with fewer deliveries; consolidated invoices and greater visibility of spend.

Who is Danwood?

Danwood is one of the UK’s leading independent managed print and document centric services specialist, offering the most extensive wholly owned support network, across England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Channel Islands. Being in the business for over 40 years, they overcome individual document related challenges through the combination of OEM partnerships, technical expertise, and industry knowledge; underpinned by worldclass services and the most reliable local level support delivered by a highly motivated Danwood team.