Trafford Housing

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April 11, 2019
We wanted to reconfigure our office to accommodate our growing headcount. We saw this is a chance to refurbish the space too. The new interior design from InteriorsTeam allows all our staff to fit comfortably. Plus, the space now has a completely fresh and modern appearance.

Trafford Housing

Company overview

Trafford Housing Trust is a profit-for-purpose housing organisation, which manages almost 9,000 homes for social and affordable rent. Over 18,000 people live in its residences. Furthermore, the Trust offers homes for shared ownership and open market sale. Committed to transforming local lives, the Trust invest £2m each year into social value projects for the people of Trafford.

The challenge

Faced with growing demand for affordable living, Trafford Housing Trust has increased its workforce to oversee the growing estate under its management.

With a larger headcount to accommodate, the Trust sought to reorganise the interior of its office to maximise the use of the space. This provided an opportunity to refurbish the space. With many growing departments situated on the fourth floor of the building, this area was the first priority.

Our Solution

The Solution
As part of the Trust’s commitment to give residents the best possible value, it aims to make every pound stretch. With this goal, the project was put to tender. InteriorsTeam’s proposal was the most competitive, so we were appointed.

Putting Value First
Our proposal gave the Trust three options to choose from, spanning different budget and quality thresholds. These ranged from functional, value furniture items through to those that offered additional style or features.

To keep costs down, the Trust primarily selected Narbutus furnishings from our value option. These hardwearing, competitively priced items come with a five year warranty, protecting the Trust’s investment. The Trust also selected a handful of mid-tier furnishings to offer greater comfort and style within client-facing areas and meeting rooms.

A Blank Canvas
The original floor plans weren’t available, so we had to measure the space before we could begin planning the new layout. Our interiors consultants measured the space, which included internal pillars and angled walls and then drew up accurate floor plans to work from.

In the past, the Trust’s staff each had large angular desks, arranged in pods. However, these desks were cumbersome and unnecessarily large for individual workers. To maximise the use of the space, we replaced the pod layout with bench desking.

The bench format is space-efficient and allows a larger headcount to be accommodated in the same area, whilst still giving each worker adequate desk space. Furthermore, it promotes hot-desking allowing the space to be used much more flexibility and encouraging modern ways of working.

The change in desk configuration meant other aspects of the floor plan had to be rearranged. As part of our complete design and build, we moved electrical points, installed additional lighting, erected partitions between departments, built glass-walled meeting rooms and refurbished the kitchen area.

Business as Usual
The furniture installation was completed over a weekend to avoid disruption to the Trust’s activities. The three day fit-out began on a Friday evening after staff had left and continued through to Sunday. Some finishing touches were completed afterwards, but only work which wouldn’t impact the Trust’s day-to-day activities.

Finishing Touches
Once the furniture had been installed, we redecorated the space. The Trust wanted a clean, crisp interior with white walls to match the white desks. We painted the walls, fixed defects in the original flooring and fitted new doorways.

The Outcome

The project met the Trust’s budget and quality expectations. Meanwhile, the installation was completed within the planned lead times.

Based on the success of the project, the Trust has invited InteriorsTeam to quote for additional work. Indeed, we have since embarked on a similar project for the third floor of the same building.