January 25, 2019
Sue Ryder
January 18, 2019
As part of the Vetswest national account, we were looking to save both direct and indirect costs on our office supplies, as well as improve delivery times. Since moving to OfficeTeam we have actually saved over 40% on our office supplies expenditure, and are therefore working closely with our Account Manager to see how we can benefit from other products and services.

Margaret Goaman, Practice Manager, North Park Veterinary Group

Company overview

Vetswest is a group of veterinary practices, which use their collective size to improve the efficiency with which they buy products and services. In addition they seek new opportunities beyond traditional buying group activities as requested by members.
The group is run by veterinary surgeons, and comprises 180 member practices employing over 1,800 vets and 5,000 staff. Member practices now spread from the West Country across to East Anglia, Leicester, the Midlands, Cheshire, Yorkshire and into the heart of West Wales.

The challenge

Initially North Park Vets were looking to save time and money on the purchasing of their office supplies. With their incumbent supplier they regularly had to pay delivery charges as their orders were under £35, plus they wanted to see if purchasing through an approved Vetswest Supplier could bring additional benefits.
The customer faced a number of challenges in relation to deliveries and the time spent administering them. They incurred multiple monthly invoices from their previous supplier, receiving invoices with every order.
The North Park Vets practice has multiple sites, yet the incumbent supplier delivered everything to the Head Office leaving the Practice Manager to organise onward delivery to the other branches. This impacted on time to administer and meant a delay in each practice receiving their goods. Also all deliveries were left at reception, usually taking 48 hours to arrive. Overall these processes resulted in increased indirect costs for the practice.

Our Solution

OfficeTeam were able to streamline the process and enable savings from the start. After carrying out an office supplies audit for 3 month’s worth of spend, it became apparent that OfficeTeam could make substantial annual savings of 49%.
With no delivery fees and no minimum order value, North Park can now order as required without incurring additional cost. Also with our next day delivery service goods arrive quicker, enabling the practice to free up the space and cost associated with holding stock - ordering up to 5pm for next day delivery.
OfficeTeam also deliver to multiple sites, meaning that staff no longer have to transfer goods between locations. Deliveries are made to desk top, meaning less manual handling too.
A further benefit is that OfficeTeam invoice North Park as part of their monthly Vetswest invoice, so they only receive one consolidated invoice for all of their Vetswest products and services.

The Outcome

North Park are pleased that as well as office supplies we can supply other products and services as well – for example we have supplied office chairs, including a specialist one which they were struggling to source. We have made further savings on printed stationery and have now also received an order for business cards and appointment cards.
Overall the financial benefits of moving to OfficeTeam have been 49% annual savings so far. Additional benefits have been reduced administration and the improved delivery process.