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Fred Perry
July 15, 2013
May 28, 2013

Who are Wiseman Lee LLP

Wiseman Lee is a limited liability partnership that practices across 3 branch offices in the east end of London. Their success has been achieved by offering clients the type of personal support that develops into long-term, equally beneficial relationships. All clients, whether private individuals or commercial organisations, receive the same exceptional level of service.

The Challenge:

Wiseman Lee had been using a forms package provided by a leading legal software company for more than 10 years. At the time, they were pleased with the excellent levels of service and the after-sales support they were receiving. Gradually, over the years, the relationship drifted slightly, prices increased and levels of service were not as keen as they had previously been.

By the time a LegalTeam representative contacted Wiseman Lee to enquire if they would be interested in finding out more about our forms they were ready to consider a change. Julian Blake, Practice Manager, remembers “I started the process by discussing forms with our solicitor’s and I found that many of them had used the forms previously. They had retained a very good impression of LegalTeam and they
remembered the forms as being extremely easy to use”.

“As the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive I decided to meet with LegalTeam and get a clear understanding of what they could offer us. I was impressed with the entire package but there were 2 elements that really stood out; the availability of forms in Word format and the seamless update feature.”

Following these discussions, Julian Blake put the business case together and presented it to the firm’s partners. After reviewing the benefits of the LegalTeam system and the cost savings that could be made, it was decided to move.

The Solution:

Julian Blake says that changing form providers was not straightforward. “We were very tied-in with our previous supplier, having paid for our subscription an entire year in advance. On top of this, we were aware that a 3-month notice period was required in order to end the contract we had with this firm.”

“LegalTeam assured us that wasn’t a problem. They agreed to install their product free of charge until the end of our current contract period, and as it turns out, that was an ideal solution for our practice. It offered us the luxury of the time we needed to update our technical infrastructure and to iron out any issues. In addition, everyone had the opportunity to explore the LegalTeam package and to get used to the forms before they actually needed to use them. When the subscription went live we were instantly up-to-speed”.

“The LegalTeam benefit that stands out to me is their willingness to listen – from the sales team through to technical and account handling. Everyone we spoke to responded in a timely and appropriate manner. We felt that our concerns were important to them and that they would do everything they could to ensure we were entirely satisfied. It’s the type of service we strive to provide for our clients and we are very glad to have a crucial supplier who offers us that same level of care and attention.”

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