Office spaces are changing rapidly, from the traditional cubicle styled siloed desk spaces of the past to the new open plan, social hub styled office designs. Workspace design has become increasingly creative as companies explore different ways to get the most out of their office space – and their workforce – through fun and functional areas that promote collaboration, creativity and performance.

Here are ten of the UK’s coolest offices you should be aware of from 2018:


Red Bull’s head office in Soho has been designed to encourage interaction between employees while communicating the brand’s values. Featuring striking curved architecture and styled after the trace patterns left by race cars, Red Bull’s office is designed with some shared working spaces. The top floor is a relaxation area, aimed at encouraging collaboration amongst staff. This area is complete with a roof terrace to make the most of the beautiful views over West London. This fantastic office even features a slide between floors.


Google is renowned for quirky, exciting office spaces – and its London office near Tottenham Court Road is no different. The design and architecture are reflecting of British culture, with relaxation rooms styled around traditional pubs. Google’s office provides staff with plenty of different areas to meet and collaborate, complete with breath-taking views from the location’s rooftop garden.


Airbnb’s Clerkenwell warehouse space has been designed to reflect the array of quirky accommodations featured on the home-sharing pioneer’s website. Many of the building’s industrial roots are on-show, such as hanging pendant lights and exposed pipework. This space has been designed to provide comfortable, collaborative spaces, fit with traditionally English features like red telephone boxes and a Union Jack fridge. This fun space also boasts ping pong tables, encouraging staff to wind-down in their breaks and return to work refreshed.


Skype’s London office is spread over three floors and features the latest tech and some collaborative and open plan spaces designed to bring staff together. The office has many fun features such as some rooms referencing English pop culture icons such as The Beatles. Skype’s office is also fit with games rooms containing pool and ping pong tables for its employees to unwind in.


AutoTrader’s London office space features three Mini Coopers suspended in a corridor shaped like a tunnel, designed to reflect the British film – The Italian Job. Meeting rooms are decorated with car schematics to reflect the industry further. Meanwhile, this impressive open plan office space is designed to encourage collaboration between employees while providing an enjoyable area to wind-down.


West London is home to Innocent Drinks’ Fruit Towers. This bright space reflects the brand’s ‘natural’ ethos. It features Astro-Turf flooring to create a green and sustainable feeling. The building also contains a large café in the centre with a ‘picnic’ like feel to it, with benches for staff to sit-on. Red telephone boxes are featured, reflecting the British roots of the business in chill-out areas.


Zoopla’s London office is built to promote collaboration and features many breakout areas and comfortable rooms for staff to get together, either brainstorming or relaxing in together. Each room throughout the space has a different theme, giving a different feel based on where you are. For example, the office includes a swimming pool themed meeting room, a greenhouse styled space, a library and even a treehouse. Zoopla also provides staff with a gym and games room, plus free breakfast and daily snacks.


Unilever’s London office transformed a historical Embankment building into a modern, employee focused space. The redeveloped space has been designed to provide staff with communal areas to collaborate and relax together. The office redesign also features a rooftop garden, included to provide staff with somewhere to work or relax outside while overlooking London’s historic skyline.


Virgin Money’s new headquarters in Edinburgh has been designed to bring together different teams throughout the company, putting collaboration at its heart. The centralised stairway, sizeable open plan floors and relaxation and meeting spaces provide staff with a way to work and relax together – keeping the office design in line with the company’s flexible working ethos.


Ministry of Sound’s head office located near Elephant and Castle is a vibrant and socially oriented space, with large canteen areas to allow workers to either relax in breaks or to work together collaboratively. This open plan space provides staff with the choice to work flexibly within the office and come together both socially and in a work-sense.

These UK office spaces all have one thing in common: a design approach focused on community and collaborative. It’s clear to see from these leading businesses that companies are moving away from the traditional office space, replacing it with something more dynamic and relaxing, while enhancing staff interaction and encouraging teamwork.

Let us know what your favourite office design is.