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Is Your Company Prepared?


As the current outbreak of COVID-19 Virus approaches a global pandemic, many businesses are now faced with some difficult choices on how to best protect their staff and continue to run their businesses. Do you have all of the contingencies in place if, or when you need to implement homeworking?

Many businesses are asking the following questions:

During these times of uncertainty OfficeTeam are here to help.




Ensure your teams have the products they need to work efficiently at home. With bundles available for furniture, stationery, technology and computer accessories. Take a look at our product mailer.

Ensure product continuity

during this period

Our unique warehouse and logistics operation network operation reduces supply chain risk. Ensuring your homeworkers have access to the goods they need, when and where they need them.

We will deliver products directly to your remote worker’s homes. With our own fleet of vans driven by directly employed drivers, we can be flexible in our delivery solutions and we have stringent rules for any third party deliveries used over this busy time. We will ensure that every precaution is taken to avoid contamination.

How can you minimise rogue spending?

Whether you are looking to implement homeworking or your workforce are already at home. It’s likely that online ordering will be essential, but this may increase the risk of rogue spending. If staff order from online sites such as Amazon (or suppliers that aren’t on your approved supplier list) you could see an influx of staff expenses.

To ensure that costs don’t spiral ensure that relevant staff have access to an approved online order system such as SmartPad. This will ensure that users can log in from home and choose from pre-approved products and prices, protecting your expenditure.



All the information you need to prepare your business.

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