At OfficeTeam, we are passionate about working together with our customers towards a greener, sustainable future. Our long term strategy for responsible business is embedded in our sustainability agenda and supported by a set of environmental and social initiatives, designed to deliver ongoing benefits for the environment, our customers and our local communities.


Our achievements so far:

Sustainable products

OfficeTeam has over 2,250 environmental products carefully selected for their environmental credentials. We select suppliers who have honest credentials, respect human ethics, labour rights, health and safety regulations and legal compliance. This includes undertaking regular reviews, including factory inspections to ensure recognised standards and regulations are fully adhered to.

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Recycling initiatives

OfficeTeam has a range of recycling initiatives available to support our customers’ environmental agenda. Many of our initiatives are available through our FREE, national, reverse logistics, which enables customers’ recycling waste to be collected upon a future delivery from OfficeTeam. This provides customers with an accessible platform to improve recycling rates whilst eliminating carbon emissions associated with using multiple external providers.

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Green deliveries

With over 1.2 million deliveries made per year, we are constantly looking at new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics operations. This is embedded in our sustainability agenda to drive less, drive smarter and choose fuel efficient vehicles. We are proud to have electric and double deck vehicles as part of our delivery fleet, alongside state-of-the-art route planning software to calculate optimal routes and vehicle tracking devices to encourage sustainable driving behaviours. Combined with our 13 local stocking points across the UK, this ensures mileage is kept to a minimum. We minimise the waste produced through the packaging used in our deliveries by using 100% biodegradable, FSC and PEFEC recycled and recyclable bags wherever possible.

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Social value

OfficeTeam is committed to supporting local and global communities through a range of social value initiatives. We do this locally by supporting schools, charities and organisations with essential product donations and furniture, alongside offering our 880 staff one paid working day a year to volunteer for a local community or charity project; that’s 6,600 hours devoted to good causes. We are proud to support global initiatives by utilising our product range and national logistics to support some of our key partners to facilitate the education of children in schools from Greece to Malawi.

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