We’re dedicated to working together with customers in their communities.

Giving our customers a helping hand

By joining forces and bringing together the efforts of our staff and customers, we can help to make a greater positive impact on local communities. Our staff will be encouraged to help volunteer on community projects which customers have already organised.

Help a local project

For all our customers who have a passion for helping their local communities but just haven’t set the strategy out yet…Why not be part of ours?

Every quarter on 2015, we will encourage our staff to take time out of their usual day-to-day role to volunteer to work on local projects.

We aim to complete 8 projects in local communities across the UK in 2015. These projects will be a mixture of community activities chosen by our staff and our customers.

Supporting staff charities

We encourage and support our employees in their volunteering and fundraising activities. We are extremely proud of our staff that already help with local community projects outside of work hours and we are keen to continue to support the charities that are close to the hearts of our staff.

We hope that by working together with our customers and staff, we can help to make a real impact on local communities and enhance our support for charities in the future.