Green deliveries

With over 1.2 million deliveries made per year, we are constantly looking at new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics operations. Our commitment to drive less, drive smarter and choose fuel efficient vehicles won us two environmental awards in 2018 alone.

Masternaut awarded us Gold Fleet status in recognition of our fleet’s above average fuel efficiency compared to data from other fleets. Meanwhile, OfficeTeam was crowned Gold for Best Sustainable Transport at the Global Good Awards 2018.
We are proud to have double deck and electric vehicles as part of our delivery fleet. Each double deck vehicle carries double the number of pallets, enabling us to reduce our fleet size and eliminate unnecessary mileage. Meanwhile, our electric vehicles deliver significant fuel savings in urban areas. All of our OfficeTeam delivery vehicles are less than four years old and meet Euro 4 emissions standards as a minimum. We have a rolling programme in place to replace all vehicles with Euro 6 compliant models.
This ensures mileage and emissions are always kept to a minimum – especially when combined with our network of 15 local stocking points nationwide and optimal delivery routes calculated by our state-of-the-art route planning software.

The green credentials of our fleet extend to our team of delivery drivers, who have each completed SMARTER driver training to promote carbon-conscious driving behaviours. Furthermore, each of their vehicles is fitted with an Eco tracking device to ensure maximum fuel efficiency is always achieved.

Sustainable packaging

Through smarter packaging we have already eliminated 420 tonnes of cardboard from our packaging waste in the last two years and have set ourselves the target to eliminate a further one million cardboard boxes each year going forward.

To minimise the packaging waste created by our deliveries, we keep the majority of products we deliver in the suppliers’ original wrapping – so no additional packaging is required whatsoever. Where multiple items are purchased, we often repack items together in original packaging, maximising the use of these packing materials.

We minimise additional packaging by keeping products in original supplier wrapping where possible. Where multiple items are purchased and supplier wrapping has been utilised, we will place both items in this original packaging, eliminating additional waste.

Where we have no choice but to package items, we seek to use recyclable paper bags that are FSC and PEFC certified and 100% biodegradable. We make it easy for customers to recycle these bags by either passing them back to one of our drivers on their next delivery or by using our paper recycling service. Where goods are either too fragile or too large to be delivered in bags, we use recycled cardboard boxes. To reduce the volume of boxes that reach landfill, our drivers collect these upon the next delivery and return them to our depots for recycling or reuse in the future.

  • Rick Jones
    Through the introduction of electric vans, double deck trailers and working with suppliers on a more efficient in-bound supply chain, we have reduced the total distance travelled by our Primary HGV fleet by 1,000,000KM. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve the environmental impact of our delivery fleet.
    Rick Jones
    Group Operations Director

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