Organisations run on information. Each day, new reports are generated, contracts are signed, invoices are issued and certificates are updated. Workplaces can quickly become packed with documents – making it difficult to locate specific files when they are needed, and harder to stop valuable data from getting into the wrong hands.
OfficeTeam offers a complete document management solution for both digital and hard copy documents. Through our range of services you can be confident your data is safely stored, easy to access when you need it, and securely destroyed when you’re ready to let it go.

Our solutions are relied on by clients in some of the most heavily-regulated sectors

Including blue chip organisations across the financial, pharmaceutical and technical industries.

  • “I have found the archiving system to be easy to use and navigate. The customer service is excellent and there is a professional service at all levels.”
    Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP
  • "We have saved in excess of 10-15% on like for like purchasing. The largest benefit is the controls we now have in place with regard to product visibility, accountability and authorisation. We see OfficeTeam as a very important supplier to our business. We have committed to ordering several product areas from them and so far the service has been exceptional. The improvement of service with timely deliveries is very impressive."
    St Austell Brewery
  • By using OfficeTeam, we have not only gained great direct financial savings, but also eradicated soft costs through their excellent administration systems. They provide us with greater visibility of our business spend through tailored management reports and centralized invoicing. They also provide direct delivery of business supplies to all of our Fred Perry sites across the UK.
    Fred Perry

To give you further peace of mind, we can advise which solutions
best match your specific legal and compliance obligations

Our solutions include

Data Archive

Several of your documents have to be retained for a set period of time – whether for legal reasons, finance purposes or to hold suppliers to account. We can save space on your premises by storing them on your behalf. Our five purpose-built storage facilities provide a safe, long-term storage option for legal and financial records, deeds, tapes, and other important documents.
Your files can easily be retrieved if they are needed. Our intelligent document tracking system provides accurate date and time verification whenever an item is moved. We will also notify you when a document’s retention period has passed, so you can choose whether to let it go.

Electronic records management

In today’s connected workplace, digital files are constantly created, saved, circulated and deleted. Keeping track of your documents can be overwhelming.

Our electronic record management system allows you to track, order, retrieve and destroy files from a single interface. The built-in search engine allows easy document retrieval, viewing or printing. Furthermore, we can convert hard copy data into an electronic format so it can be accessed via the same system.


Secure destruction

Whether to comply with data protection laws or to stop your valuable company information getting into the hands of your competitors, disposing of expired documents needs to be done correctly.

We offer on-site and off-site document destruction services, so you can be assured your data is securely disposed of.