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Meet your new e-commerce engine for workplace supplies procurement

Introducing SmartPad – powered by OfficeTeam

We’ve taken our trusted SmartPad procurement tool and made it even better.

Think more products, new features, lower prices, a streamlined interface, easy access business intelligence and more.

SmartPad functionality at-a-glance

We enable customers to buy smarter and achieve more by providing a consolidated range of tailored, dynamic and expert business solutions, delivered using innovative technology.

Why Choose SmartPad?

Time is more precious, budgets are tighter, and the market remains crowded with suppliers vying for your attention, which makes sourcing products tough! But technology can ease these burdens. Better still, it can aid cost control, drive financial savings, empower multi-site teams, optimise human resources, help reduce carbon impact, and achieve maximum value from your supply chain

This is the exact thinking behind SmartPad – an intuitive procurement platform that helps control costs through budget management functionality, authorisation routes and pre-defined, user-specific product lists, for total expenditure visibility.