Solid infrastructure that you can rely on

Incorporating our sophisticated operational facility, world-class distribution service, carefully selected network of delivery
partners, and talented team of people – we’ve got a robust infrastructure in place that you can trust.  

Our facilities

With over 275,000ft² of warehousing space, our sophisticated facilities can hold over 22,000 products — with the potential to expand even further in the future.

State of the art automation, alongside A-frame and pick-by-light systems provide greater efficiency and speed, with box cutting systems designed to reduce waste and offset our carbon footprint.

We continue to significantly invest in operational improvements for a better customer experience.

World-class distribution

We offer flexible options via our large delivery fleet, easily tracked and traced through our strong IT platform, across Europe.

With a range of choices, we offer next day or night delivery – as well as drops to a specified floor, pallet services and key drop.

And you can be confident that we can help you meet your sustainability goals via our electric powered network of vehicles.

Experienced, talented team

At OfficeTeam, we only hire the best of the best.

With entrepreneurial spirit, vast industry experience, and unrivalled knowledge, you know you’re in safe hands.

Our customer support services are housed in the UK, and we ensure continuous development with our teams, with endless opportunities for learning.

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