5 ways to reduce stress at work

It’s International Stress Awareness Week and with a new national lockdown coming to England this week, recognising the impact of stress and mental health problems and the challenges they bring has never been more important.

With remote working looking set to continue for office workers into the spring of 2021 , reports are showing that stress and a poor work life balance is undermining job quality in the UK. 66% of employees have stated they are feeling a significant loss in their work-life balance and suffering ‘remote work burnout.’[i] Nearly a quarter of workers admitted to often or always feeling exhausted in their jobs or under excessive pressure whilst working from home.[ii]

Recent studies show that a feeling of isolation from lack of face to face interaction has led to loneliness and not having the correct work set up equipment in place has significantly impacted job productivity.

So how can we help reduce stress at work? Here are 5 ways business can set employees up for success, support them to work smarter and encourage personal well-being:

      1. Stay well connected

One in four employees admitted to feeling ‘lonely and isolated’ when working from home[iii] and with us functioning in a world where meetings are just as collaborative over video, strong communication links and secure access to business information has never been so important. Connex is a brand new ‘Technology as a service’ platform that has be specially designed to incorporate telecoms, video, connectivity and infrastructure in one place, to keep people connected and drive productivity in businesses of all sizes.

      2. Ensure you have the right equipment and workspace setup

With everything we need to work being at our fingertips within an office, it’s important to ensure employees have a home setup that enables them to do their job as effectively as possible, in the way they like to do it. Our working style is as individual as our personal style, so whether it’s desktop accessories, technology, accessories or furniture, Office Team have a working from home product range to support staff to create a comfortable and productive working environment.

      3. Don’t lose visibility of business expenditures

In the current climate businesses are under pressure to increase efficiencies wherever possible, without blowing their budgets. However, for many this is typically the time where decisions and expenditure can often be overlooked. Business intelligence is more important than ever to empower you to make informed, data-driven commercial decisions and with SmartPad businesses can now have visibility and extra control over their expenditures. Take away the stress by deep diving into the metrics that really matter when it comes to activities such as the procurement of workplace supplies. 

      4. Don’t lose sleep over your budgets

Adapting to change sounds expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. With businesses supporting their employees to adapt to new ways of working, it’s important to shop smart and not fall victim to the pain of unpredictable pricing and fragmented spend. With SmartPrice we help you to understand what is a fair price for all your items. We check the market and roll back our costs to keep you in control of your budget.

      5. Look after your own wellbeing

Be kind to yourself. Reports show a quarter of home workers work 12 hours+ a day without taking enough breaks or personal downtime to recharge. Taking time out to focus on your own needs increases motivation, job satisfaction and mental wellbeing. So whether you are a gym goer, a yoga lover, or someone who loves a sweet treat, Office Team have a multitude of wellbeing products to keep you active and entertained during your downtime.

Want to learn more about any of our ranges? Find out how we can support your business to work smarter at www.officeteam.co.uk

*Coronavirus and depression in adults, Great Britain. Office for National Statistics,  June 2020

[i] Smallbiz Trends, 2020

[ii] CIPD survey, 2020

[iii] Covermagazine.co.uk, 2020

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