How to control your expenditure during remote working

With reports that the Coronavirus crash could be worse than the crisis of 2008, businesses are going to be placed under overwhelming pressure after lockdown to keep a tight control on costs. However, with social distancing here to stay for the foreseeable future and many businesses encouraged to continue home working along with staged returns to the workplace, how do you keep a tight control on costs with a remote workforce and stop rogue spending?

For many businesses this could led to an internal audit of their current ordering processes:

•      Lack of control – What controls are in place to ensure employees are using your approved supplier? Are there penalties for not doing so?

•      Difficult systems & processes – Are ordering systems easy to use and timely? If the process takes too long or is difficult people will find their own alternatives!

•      Can staff get all of the products they need from your approved supplier list? As employees have adapted to a new way of working the products they need have changed. Does your current supplier provide all of the extended products they require?

•      How can you keep track of the products being ordered? Do you have access to instant reports showing cross- department spend and strict authorisation levels?

• How can you ensure your staff are always getting the best prices?

OfficeTeam is here to help guide you through this new way of working. We have quickly adapted our business model to ensure we have the products and services relevant to you now and in the future, whilst providing you with an online procurement system that will help you to work smarter and keep in control of costs.

Keep in control of your costs with SmartPad

Implementing an easy to use, intuitive procurement system can be the start to many businesses taking back control of their costs and reducing rogue spending.

SmartPad, our online procurement platform has been designed to simplify workflow processes for employees whilst providing procurement and finance teams with the business intelligence needed to keep a control and visibility of costs.

4 ways SmartPad can reduce rogue spending

•      Single basket solution: allows orders across all product ranges, whilst integrating with existing platforms to give seamless access using existing purchasing systems.

•       SmartPrice products to combat unpredictable pricing and fragmented spend: We check the market so you don’t have to! With our new online checker we will ensure you are always paying a fair price for your non-core items, always aiming to be within 10% of the leading online retailer.

•       Reporting & analytics show ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard reports and store saved and bespoke reports. With notifications providing up to the minute news about the account or orders placed. Providing you with full visibility of spend.

•       Business intelligence at the click of a button: download management reports at the click of a button, providing you with all the intelligence you need to make informed decisions.

If you would like to find out how SmartPad could help your business, contact us today.

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