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How to secure your supply chain when a global crisis hits

As COVID-19 causes unprecedented disruption to global supply chains, the impact of the virus is infiltrating virtually every industry. Businesses are exploring changes to make to their supply chain in order to weather the storm and turn these crises into opportunities. Here are our suggestions to secure your supply chain in the midst of a global crisis.

Prioritise the people

The health and safety of employees is critical, it is important to ensure that all workers in the supply chain feel safe and valued. Special measures may need to be brought in – in this case face masks, gloves and sanitation products – in order to protect vulnerable workers and minimise health risk. Explore options for remote-working arrangements and automation. 

Identify and locate key problem areas

Start to map out where each of the suppliers are located, this will help to identify high-risk areas and understand the scale of the problem.

Make allowances

By understanding which products and large orders are likely to be delayed or halted organisations can start to plan for the worst-case scenarios and explore other options for suppliers.

Switch suppliers

Try sourcing from more local suppliers where possible – the closer the vendors are, the higher the guarantee of continued delivery of the required products. This increased proximity may also make it easier to hold suppliers responsible in the event of discrepancies or faults.

Use reputable news sources

With a barrage of information circulating from various channels, it’s important to only use reliable news sources to avoid false information and maintain a level head through the crisis.

Create a backup plan

Pinpoint the key areas of your business that may suffer including transport, communications, supply and cash flow and create a contingency plan to prepare your business for the worst-case scenario.

Prepare for the future

Remember that a crisis is only temporary, the current threat of Coronavirus will undoubtedly pass, and business will resume. There are important lessons to be drawn, and the plans that are made now – to adapt in the current climate – will help organisations to manage problems, large or small that arise in the future.

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