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What to look for in a PPE provider during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses across the UK are under increasing pressure to look after the health and safety of their employees. For many industries including retailers and care homes this means providing staff with essential Personal Protection Equipment.

This has placed extreme pressure on Procurement teams to;

    –    Source products outside of their usual product remit

    –    Identify quality products that meet the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines

    –    Find reputable suppliers that can deliver quickly

Therefore, we have set out the key tips below to finding a PPE supplier during this uncertain time.

Stick to providers within the UK

The market has become awash with suppliers across the World fighting for orders of essential PPE products. But how do you know if they are a reputable and trustworthy supplier? In a normal situation, we wouldn’t source products from a supplier without checking their credentials first– so don’t do it now. Start with providers in the UK first.

Look for suppliers with PPE experience

Now is the time to contact providers with previous PPE experience. This way you can rest assured that they have the knowledge and supplier base to secure you with the right products for your teams needs and at the best quality.

Work with suppliers that have links with wholesalers

A link to a large wholesaler could be what you need right now. Therefore, look out for suppliers that have a good relationship with a wholesalers and can help prioritise your orders in times of need.

Find suppliers that you can trust

During these uncertain times, you need a supplier you can trust to deliver your products. This means looking for suppliers that have years of experience under their belt and have shown financial stability during turbulent times.

Speed and flexibility

Look for suppliers that have a network that can deliver quickly on a national scale, whilst providing flexible delivery options.

How OfficeTeam could help your business during COVID-19

OfficeTeam is an experienced business supplies and PPE provider, with 15 distribution centres across the UK.  Established since 1888 we have been through turbulent times and have adapted our business to meet the requirements of our customers.

Right now, we understand the priority for many of our customers is essential PPE equipment. Backed by one of the UK’s leading wholesalers we have a robust supply chain that can prioritise your orders and our procurement teams are working around the clock to get access to quality, essential PPE products, quickly. Therefore, if you are urgently looking for surgical masks, FFP2 masks or sanitisers – we can help.

Contact us today.

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