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Homes England

Homes England

Homes England is a new non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. They exist to accelerate the delivery of housing across England by:

• increasing the number of new homes that are built in England, including affordable homes and homes for market, sale or rent,
• improving existing affordable homes and bringing empty homes back into use as affordable housing,
• increasing the supply of public land and speeding up the rate that it can be built on,
• helping to stimulate local economic growth by using our land and investment, and attracting private sector investment in local areas.

Problem Statement

Homes England wanted a quality uniform that reflected their brand and aspiration. Their existing supplier was struggling to provide uniforms in the numbers that Homes England required. The nature of the garments and complexities of branding meant that only a few suppliers could meet their requirement.


OfficeTeam were already working with Homes England supplying them with stationery and furniture when they asked us for advice regarding the issues they were facing with their incumbent. We identified the range and who could deal with the numbers of garments Homes England required and then arranged for a four-month pre-paid shelf stock to be produced. This was based upon existing sizes and size profiles for uniforms and PPE that enabled us to meet the demand of next day delivery for 2,500 uniformed staff located throughout the UK.

We were awarded the contract at the end of September 2018 and it went live in November.

Working with Homes England it was apparent to us that the garments that they were purchasing were not necessarily available in the UK in large volumes. We suggested alternative garments that were readily available off the shelf but still demonstrated that we understood their main drivers. Having the ability to deliver quality garments on demand to their high exacting standards especially with regard branding which was so important to them. It was essential we got it right and provided confidence that we could meet their requirements especially the complexities of the logo.


Our solution provided Homes England a saving of 15 -20% without no discernable change in the quality of the garments, releasing much needed funding to housing project within the UK.

As a consequence of OfficeTeam fulfilling Homes England garment requirement so well we also undertook a similar exercise for all their Personal Protective Equipment and now have an established pre-paid shelf stock. We review all stock every three months in conjunction with Homes England, and amend our supplies to provide best value for them.

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