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Retail has been hit hard by the pandemic, and the high street will be a different place once it is over. The changing environment has highlighted retail as a resilient sector that has acted fast and adapted to conditions.

As Covid-19 and national lockdowns hit, the retail sector evolved. Initially prioritising e-commerce and supply chains; now is the time to dig deeper. And Goods not for Resale (GNFR) is one area where you can gain real returns.

Often, GNFR remains unmanaged due to lack of time or resource; and consequently, adheres to little or none of the strategic principles of an organisation.

So, could your business utilise this untapped potential?

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Is it time to reset your thinking on GNFR procurement?

Taking a fresh look at GNFR can deliver significant savings to be reinvested or delivered straight to the bottom line. Imagine if you knew the soft costs of multiple orders and deliveries. 

Now is the time to act, to improve efficiencies, future-proof your supply chain, and face 2021 with renewed confidence. 


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An estimated 90% of businesses are experiencing spend leakage due to Covid-19. How much are expense claims hurting your business?

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