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Organisations run on information. Each day, new reports are generated, contracts are signed, invoices are issued and certificates are updated.

As a result, your workplace can quickly become overwhelmed with documents – making it difficult to locate specific files when you need them, and harder to stop valuable data from getting into the wrong hands.

We offer a complete document management solution for digital and hard copy documents. So you can be confident your data is safely stored, easy to access, and securely destroyed when you’ve finished with it.  You’ll also have peace of mind that you’re complying with all data and document handling regulations.

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We’ll store data securely for you

We’ll store data securely for you

You may need to retain some business-critical documents for a set period of time. We can save you space storing them on your behalf with our safe, long-term storage options.

You can easily retrieve your files when you need them and our intelligent document tracking system provides accurate date and time verification whenever an item is moved.
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We’ll mange all your electronic records

We’ll mange all your electronic records

In today’s connected workplace, digital files are constantly created, saved, circulated and deleted, and keeping track of them can be tricky.

Our electronic record management system allows you to easily track, order, view, retrieve, and destroy files. We can also convert hard copy data into an electronic format, so it can be accessed via the same system.
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We’re securely destroy your documents

We’re securely destroy your documents

Whether you need to comply with data protection laws or want to stop valuable company information getting into the hands of your competitors, it’s essential that you dispose of expired documents correctly.

To ensure your data is securely disposed of, we offer on-site and off-site document destruction services.
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Shred the risks of fraud by disposing of data securely

One of the biggest crimes afflicting the UK today is that of fraud. Whilst it is difficult to disclose the true cost of fraud, it is estimated to be costing UK businesses as much as £193 billion annually.

Could Your Business fall victim to RFID identity theft?

Digital pickpockets could be lurking just around the corner. They only need to stand a few inches away from you and, using RFID readers, can steal your personal information.

Are you doing enough to protect your business from cyber-attacks?

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, half of UK firms have been hit by cyber-attacks in 2018, and its set to rise. Follow our tips on how you can prevent a breach on your business.

To give you further peace of mind, we can advise which solutions best match your specific legal and compliance obligations

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