The UK’s most extensive range of office and workplace supplies

No matter what the office looks like—whether it’s at home or in a place of work—we can provide everything you need to run it smoothly and efficiently, while reducing costs and providing great value.

From leading brand names to our own label products, we’ve got it all. And, our environmentally friendly ranges mean that you can meet your CSR commitments while also making savings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver everything you need to operate effectively from wherever your teams are, enabling them to focus their energy and resources on driving your core business.

Why choose OfficeTeam to provide your workplace supplies?

You can trust us to deliver, always. But there’s many other great reasons to choose us as your strategic partner when it comes to the procurement of workplace supplies.

Easy to deal with

Our teams and systems make dealing with us really straight forward - so you can be confident we’ll support you every step of the way.

Access to SmartPad

With functionality designed to help even the most complex of business set-ups, our online procurement platform can solve your purchasing headaches.

Exciting extended range

We can give you access to the largest portfolio of workplace products and services, acting as your one consolidated supplier to reduce costs and increase visibility of spend.

Flexible delivery options

Get next day delivery, integrated track and trace services, specified times, electric fleet deliveries and more – all via our trusted delivery partners.

Unrivalled products and services for all your office supply needs

Make the 5 Star™ switch, paint the workplace red and save on your office supplies.

With over 2,000 products to choose from, our own 5 Star™ brand has been trusted for more than 20 years, delivering quality and affordability to every workplace.

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Add social value into your supply chain and support your company’s commercial objectives with our NEW and exclusive WildHearts range.

By simply switching, you can help to support social and environmental strategies across the UK and globally.

WildHearts focuses on initiatives around education, enterprise, employability and mental health, alongside the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and promotion of net zero carbon and carbon neutrality.

Homeworking solutions and supplies

We’re keeping ahead of changing working practices by innovating to meet the needs of modern workplaces. Whether your teams are in the office full-time, taking a hybrid approach, or are fully remote – we’ve got products and services to help keep costs low and productivity high.

The only service of its kind. Get everything your teams need to fulfil their roles from their own homes delivered regularly.

Reduce expense claims, save costs, and gain full visibility of spend with our homeworker profile on our procurement platform.

Help your teams to save time and money by purchasing from our new bundles range, including stationery and Covid-secure products.

We offer forward-thinking telecoms solutions  and ultrafast connectivity, along with video collaborations tools.

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Brands we work with

Meet your new e-commerce engine for workplace supplies procurement!
Control costs, reduce spend and empower your teams.

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Find out how to create efficiencies, reduce costs, and boost productivity within your organisation through our free audit with our experts.

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Discover our extended range of over 100,000 products — including core brands such as 5 Star™ — via our online platform, SmartPad.

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